How to install Minecraft mods on Android

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This guide will show you how to install Minecraft Add-Ons and Mods for Android. We'll walk through the installation of mods in .mcpack, .mcaddon and .zip & rar extensions.

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.mcpack installation

Add-ons with .mcpack file extension often include two files: a behavior pack and a resource pack. Please install them both, otherwise, nothing will work on your device.

Download the .mcpack file (or files). Open the file manager, then go to the Download Folder (usually called Downloads).

Find the downloaded file or files with .mcpack file extension.

File with mcpack addon on Android

Open this file via Minecraft (Open As โ†’ App โ†’ Minecraft). Next, the import of the Add-on will be launched.

Open addon on Android as

Open addon with Minecraft

When installing for the first time, youโ€™ll have to provide the Game with access to the files.

Allow access for import addon on Android

Please wait for the import to complete. Repeat all the steps mentioned above for the second file if there is one.

Addon import started on Android

.mcaddon installation

The main difference from mcpack here is that mcaddon files include everything at once: a behavior pack and a resource pack. Thatโ€™s more convenient because you donโ€™t have to download multiple files.

The algorithm for mcaddon installation is completely similar to the mcpack one.

.zip and .rar installation

This extension is used more often due to the inconvenience of installation.

Download two archives (or just one if the mod includes only a behavior pack). There will be a behavior pack and possibly a texture pack inside the archives. Okay, weโ€™ve got two archives:

  • some_behavior_pack.zip โ€” thatโ€™s a behavior pack;
  • some_resource_pack.zip โ€” thatโ€™s a texture pack.

Download manager with two zip files.

Then you need to unpack the archives into special folders in the Game directory. The Game Folder is as follows:

  • for versions 1.18 and earlier: the Folder is /games/com.mojang/;
  • for versions 1.18 and later: /Android/com.mojang.minecraftpe/files/games/-com.mojang/.

There will be the following folders inside:

  • behavior_packs โ€” for behavior packs;
  • resource_packs โ€” for resource packs.

Then unpack the behavior pack โ€” some_behavior_pack.zip archive in this particular case. Long press the archive, then click Extract (buttons may have different names in different file managers).

Extraction options on Android

Extract your files to the behavior_packs folder.

Behavior packs folder on Android device

Custom location to extract behavior pack

Extract folder with behavior pack on Android

Unpack some_resource_pack.zip archive the same way as for the behavior pack, but specify another destination folder โ€” resource_packs.

Mod activation

Some add-ons require Experimental Features to be enabled. You can find these settings in the World Editing mode.

Game Settings with Experiments on Android

The Map Editing mode includes tabs for Behavior Packs and Resource Packs.

Resource and Behavior packs tabs on Android

Please go to the Behavior Packs tab, find the Add-on and activate it.

Activate behavior pack of the addon on Android

Then go to the Resource Packs tab, find the textures and activate them.

Activate textures for addon

Itโ€™s done! The Add-on is installed and activated.

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