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THE MEDIEVAL CASTLE AND ITS PARTS (INTRODUCTION TO MEDIEVAL CASTELLOLOGY) Medieval castles (video) were the residence of feudal lords and the symbol of their military power. There are numerous examples of great fortresses from the Middle Ages that we still have in Spain. In this map, you will find a castle on top of a gigantic mountain surrounded by a lake and that the mountain connects with a bridge to get out of the mountain, after crossing the bridge you will find a medieval-style town with its farms and crops.


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Screenshots of the map

Screenshot of the Mountain

Screenshot of a huge bridge

Screenshot of a huge bridge (2)

Castle on the mountain

Winter Island and water

A villager of a medieval castle

Dense forest

Villager's house


Updated on July 31:

Important changes:

  • Experience smoother, more efficient gameplay with new player buttons designed to streamline actions and enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Immerse yourself in the gaming experience with a more detailed and visually appealing map interface, allowing you to explore every corner with ease and precision.
  • Security is our top priority, so if you notice any issues with this update, please report them so we can quickly address them and ensure bug-free gameplay.
  • Get ready for an exciting adventure as you go through the new portal, which will now transport you to more challenging environments full of secrets to discover.
  • Updated download link.
  • Fixed errors.
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