Well´s RPG Adventure 1.3.2 [FIX Minecraft 1.20.50]

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This incredible world adds missions, new mobs, bosses, dungeons, npc's and a whole RPG system to your Minecraft. Come adventure and defeat the Shadow Wizard! He brought all the chaos to the world of Minecraft! You are the only one who can save humanity!

You can use your scroll to access your Adventure Menu. In it you can check how many GENS you have won, what are the active Missions, your Level, the Bestiary and access the Store.



Completing missions increases your rookie level to Legendary level.

You can evolve attributes of weapons, armor and magical effects according to the achievements that exist in the Store. Visit it regularly!



There are monsters that have possession of the GEMS! They dwell in DUNGEONS, which have puzzles to solve! When defeated, you collect them to later put them together and form a TRANSMUTATION CRYSTAL to face the SHADOW WIZARD!



In the dungeons there are mysteries to be solved. You'll rack your brains to solve these secrets.

There are mobs that can help you in battles, heal you, play tricks on you! Explore the world and don't forget to open chests to collect the Lost Bestiary Pages!



Talk to NPC's. Many will give you quests and give you precious rewards and can give you important tips for your journey!

NPC Quest

NPC Quest

There are dangerous monsters that are stronger than usual. They have more powerful strength levels and abilities. Watch out for them! Be well prepared for battle!

Monster Levels

Monster Levels

You can also evolve your character according to the acquired XP, depending on the class you chose. See the STATUS Menu. Anyway, have a great journey!

Achievement System

Achivement System

You can have a familiar companion for your journey!


  • Added Mimic Chest,
  • Added Pets,
  • Added Fairy,
  • Added Monster Eyes,
  • Added Zombie Necromancer, Swamp Abomination and Wandering Skeleton,
  • Added Dungeons: Forest Requiem, Frozen Peak and Chaos Labyrinth,
  • Added Mobs Tier 2 and 3,
  • Added Phantom of the Labyrinth
  • Added multiplayer Dungeons.
  • Quest Item Seller
  • Firefly lamp
  • Divine armor
  • Divine sword
  • Blood Moon
  • Level 4 mobs
  • Nectar
  • Purification table
  • Ruby ore
  • Reborn soul
  • Reinforced Nether Crystal
  • Purified Nether Crystal
  • Salt crystal
  • Elixir of Rebirth
  • Final Cinematic
  • Structure corrections
  • Added Ponteiiro
  • Added W3NDY
Gameplay Demo



The addon works in PT-BR 🇧🇷, en-US 🇺🇸 and es-ES 🇪🇦 languages.

May contain many errors in es-ES and en-US translations due to Translator. Be aware of this! Many textures used came from the site "minecraft.novaskin.me" and the music may be copyrighted. The total project adds up to 3 years in all!

  • Recommended to have a powerful mobile device (+2GB RAM) !
  • Multiplayer mode still partially recommended (Severe bugs) - NOTE: You can play multiplayer normally, however, make sure to stay away from the other player when they interact with NPC's and enter Dungeons.
  • Due to Minecraft limitations, the addon works well only on this Map !
  • Access Discord to report bugs. All will be fixed in a later release !

Updated on January 08

  • Fixed Minecraft 1.20.50 Bugs
  • Fixed Item Bugs
  • Made Pets Sittable
Changelog for September 25 / Old Update
  • Fixed Minecraft 1.20.30 Bugs
  • Fixed Coordinate System Error
  • Corrected en-Us and es-Es translations

Hope you have fun!

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