The Mental Hospital 2: 2010 [Horror Map]

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Where are you this time? You woke up in a new hospital, this time in the year 2010. You remember the old one, so you try to get out of that hospital ASAP. The Mental Hospital 2: 2010 is a sequel to The Mental Hospital, released back in June 23rd, 2022. This is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition map created by SpaceHusky!

The Mental Hospital 1:


On this map, you need to find a way out of the hospital.

In order to do this, you need to find keys to unlock certain rooms, with other keys eventually leading to the exit. There are a total of 5 floors. This map also has jump scares so beware! Sometimes the spirit that jumps scares you will actually go after you! I can't say when, though, as it will ruin the surprise ;)

Once you find the exit, you will be outside the hospital. Then you need to find the "End" button to finish the map!


(Images brightened)

Start Room: Screenshot

Floor 1: Screenshot

Stairs: Screenshot

Floor 2: Screenshot

Floor 3: Screenshot

Floor 4: Screenshot

Floor 5: Screenshot

Floor 5: The Cell: Screenshot

Hello there...

Outside: Screenshot 1

Outside: Screenshot 2

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