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A short horror map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition created by SpaceHusky, the creator of "The Mental Hospital", "Night Walk: A short horror map" & "Hunt of the Husky". This map follows the story of "The Mental Hospital" & "Night Walk". In this map, you have to find keys to unlock rooms of the house you grew up in and escape it. Why? Continue reading and find out...


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You find an old vintage camera in your house while going through your old stuff. You turn it on and keep looking, but out of nowhere you get a really bad headache. You faint. You wake up outside an old brick house you've never seen before, and you see the camera recording next to you. You ask yourself how you got here and decide to explore your surroundings. Wait, what surroundings? This house is located in the middle of nowhere, no trees, no nothing in sight. Just an empty grass field. You decide to go in and... wait. This is your childhood home. Why is there so much blood everywhere? Why is it the exact same since you moved out on the inside but not the outside? Download "Childhood Home" and find out...

In this map, you find keys to specific rooms in your old house to try and escape. Your old house has been possessed by Thing, the creature that has been in those 3 hospitals, and the one that brought you to a random house in the forest, the one that possessed that town of happy people, making it into a living hell for anyone that tries to explore it.


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