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Roll & Stamina is an add-on that adds roll and stamina mechanics to Minecraft, allowing players to perform rolls, consume stamina when running, jumping, or rolling, and experience a temporary speed decrease when taking damage.

“Roll & Stamina” is an addon that adds roll and stamina mechanics to vanilla Minecraft.


Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay from kamii

By tapping sneak (not holding sneak) you will roll. With a roll, you can escape from an enemy, or you can jump 3 blocks above by combining jump and roll. Now, when you run, it will decrease stamina, and when you run out of stamina, your speed will be decreased until your stamina gets back to normal. When you get damaged, your speed will be decreased for a few seconds.

Main Features:

  • Rolling
  • Stamina
  • Slow when damaged


By tapping sneak you will roll and get some knockback.

The rolling direction will follow your movement direction, so you can roll backward.

Rolling Feature

You can combine jump and roll to get a higher jump.

Higher Jump Feature


Now you have stamina, so when you run out of stamina, your speed will be decreased, and cannot jump for a few seconds.

Stamina will be consumed when you use roll, run, or jump.

Stamina cooldown duration can be affected by potion player used, like hunger effect will consume more stamina and speed effect will consume less stamina.

Stamina will reset after sleeping.

Stamina Feature

Damage Slow Effect

When you take damage, your speed will be decreased for a few seconds. This will not affect magic damage like poison and wither effects.

Damage Slow Effect Feature


When you take an action like mining, attacking, etc., it will add a fatigue bar. When fatigue is at 75%, the player will get a fatigue and weakness effect, then increase roll and stamina exhaustion duration.

Fatigue will be decreased after sleeping.

Edge Climb

You can perform an edge climb by holding the jump button when in mid-air.

Edge Climb Feature

Grappling Hook

A grappling hook is an item that can improve player movement and mobility. It can be customized with minecraft enchantment book. You can use a grappling hook by holding and interact with items like trident or bow.

Grappling Hook Demonstration 1

Grappling Hook Demonstration 2

Grappling Hook Demonstration 3

Grappling Hook Demonstration 4


  • Multishot: to make a grappling hook shoot two hooks at the same time.
  • Piercing: to increase maximum distance that hook can reach.
  • Quick charge: to reset cooldown after using grappling hook several times.


Rope is an alternative version of scaffolding. Rope can be created by attaching a lead to a tripwire hook. It has some interactions by performing sneak, jump, or sneak + jump.

Rope Demonstration 1

Rope Demonstration 2

User Interface

Added a new stamina bar on the under of the experience bar, and a roll bar on the side of the health bar.

Roll and Stamina User Interface

Configuration (Optional)

You can change all of these addons aspects (Only available with Kamii’s Script Configuration)

Roll and Stamina Configuration: Screenshot 1

Roll and Stamina Configuration: Screenshot 2


This addon only uses scripting API, so this pack is compatible with most addons.

This pack will conflict with another addon that has advanced GUI like a thirst bar or remodeled player resource packs.

Important Notes

For mobile users, this addon is only suitable for using joystick control settings and turning off the toggle sneak.

Sneak Toggle: OFF

Joystick & Tap to Interact Control Mode

For controller users, they can roll by double-clicking sneak.

You need to enable Beta APIs on the experimental menu.

Required Experiments for Roll and Stamina Addon


This pack requires UI Queue and Kamii's Script Configuration (Make sure to install the newest version)

Required Packs for Roll and Stamina Addon

If these packs still can't run properly, try to remove them from the device and the world. Then reinstall this pack using the newest version.

Updated on May 01

  • Updated for the newest version
  • Added more style configuration
  • Changed stamina strength from 314 to 512
  • Increased stamina strength maximum to 2048
  • Added config for Grappling Hook and Rope can affect Stamina
Changelog for March 31 / Old Update
  • Added Allow Mid-air Roll option
  • added Immune After Rolling option
  • Added Aim Assist Grappling Hook option
  • Added Armor Movement Fix option
Changelog for March 28 / Old Update
  • Added Grappling Hook
  • Added Rope
  • Added "Allow Mid-air Roll" option
  • Added "Immune After Rolling" option
  • Added "Aim Assist Grappling Hook" option
  • Added "Armor Movement Fix" option
Changelog for February 10 / Old Update
  • Updated for compatibility with the newest version (1.20.60)
  • Removed show cooldown configuration
  • Now you can disable the stamina or roll icon by changing its UI style to "none"
  • Added roll cooldown duration to the configuration
  • Updated the addon's icon
Changelog for January 13 / Old Update
  • Added "Enable Edge Climb" toggle in configuration
  • Added edge climb by holding the jump button when in mid-air
  • Fatigue now takes a longer time to full
  • Added particles on rolling and edge climbing animations
Changelog for October 18 / Old Update
  • Updated code to be compatible with the newest version (1.20.32)
  • Added UI with different styles
Changelog for September 09 / Old Update
  • Increased stamina duration and max length on settings
  • Added new fatigue mechanics
  • Updated roll UI animation
Changelog for July 27 / Old Update
  • Improved some stamina mechanics
  • Now you can run out of stamina when swimming
  • Fixed when stamina decreases when walking
Changelog for June 09 / Old Update
  • Fixed on the UI pocket screen aren't the same length as the exp bar
  • Increased stamina strength default from 120 to 320
  • Renamed from "Stamina Cooldown Strength" to "Stamina Regeneration Cooldown"
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Download Roll and Stamina Behavior MCPACK
Download Roll and Stamina Resource MCPACK
Kamii's Script Configuration
UI Queue Script
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