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Welcome to Reach The Button, a Minecraft Bedrock Edition map created by SpaceHusky! In this map, you try to reach the button while doing parkour or while solving puzzles! If you like these kinds of maps, you can also try "Husky's Find The Button" on my profile!

Reach the Button 2 is now available as well!


There are a total of 8 stages in this map. Each stage gets harder as you progress. (Except "Mirrored stage". It's like a little break.)

Green = easy stage | Red = hard stage

Stage 1

Hunt of the Husky, a stage inspired by my first ever Minecraft map.Stage 1 Screenshot

Stage 2

Red & Bloody, red themed stage. (Includes a puzzle)Stage 2 Screenshot

Stage 3

Clear Glass, the whole stage is reflected up and down.Stage 3 Screenshot

Stage 4

Slimy & Gross, slime stage in which you bounce around to other parts of the stage. (Includes a puzzle)Stage 4 Screenshot

Stage 5

World Full of Riches, the hardest stage in the map while also being built of Diamond, Gold, & Emerald blocks. (Includes 3 puzzles)Stage 5 Screenshot

Stage 6

Jungly Jungle, jungle-themed stage, to reach the button you will have to climb trees! (Includes a puzzle)Stage 6 Screenshot

Stage 7

Parkour Race, a stage inspired by "The Parkour Race!" a 2-player Minecraft map. In this stage, you try to reach the button while trying not to get distracted by the mirror in the middle of the level.Stage 7 Screenshot

Stage 8

Pirate Ship, a pirate ship themed stage surrounded by water.Stage 8 Screenshot


Hey! If you enjoy this map or any of my other maps, please consider tipping me through Cashapp! I am saving up for a PC and once I have enough money to buy one, the quality of my maps will increase a lot! Even just a dollar helps! Cashtag: $spacehuskyy

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