Ambient Fireflies

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Fireflies have not been added to Minecraft 1.19 and it's really sad! With this Ambient Fireflies addon, you can add these creatures to your game world.

These Fireflies are just ambient mobs, meaning they don't do anything. They will only spawn when it's night in any biome and will dissapear when it's morning.


  • Creator: Amon28
  • There are versions of the addon:
    • Ambient (V2) Only Doesn't Require Experimental Settings
    • With Jars (V2.2) Require Experimental Settings


After activating Firefly Ambient resource pack, you will be able to change the type of fireflies:

  • Dewdimpple's Firefly (by Amon28)
  • Minecraft Live Firefly (Firefly from Minecraft Live 2021)

Firefly Ambient Settings

Firefly Jar

You can catch a firefly in a jar. To do this, craft a jar from planks and three glass blocks on the workbench.

Firefly Jar craft

Go near fireflies with the empty jar in hand and a black circle will appear, now interact with the firefly with the jar to capture it.

Jar and Fireflies

Catching firefly in a jar

Now just place the jar with fireflies anywhere to light places up.

Glow of a jar with a firefly


Outpost and fireflies

Lots of fireflies at night

Orange fireflies

Orange fireflies at night


Download links
FireFly Ambient Addon V2.2 (Ambient With Firefly Jars)
FireFly Ambient Addon V2 (Just Ambient)
Supported versions
1.19.0 1.18.30
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  1. I wish these were officially added into the game