Evolution Magic Weapons

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This addon adds weapons that can be evolved as the player attacks creatures.
These weapons have 4 different abilities each, each level the weapon increases, unlocks a skill, changes texture, and increases damage.

To get the tools we use patterns that are obtained through fragments that can be dropped from Magic Weapon Bag.
The Magic Weapon Bag can be dropped from any creature that has the "monster" family.

To turn the pattern into a weapon you must have the necessary items, after that, just click the button.


How to use skills:

  • Skill I: use item
  • Skill II: sneak and use item
  • Skill III: use item on block below of the player feet
  • Skill IV: sneak and use item on any block


Weapons in the Inventory

Diazed Blade: + Extra Damage

Diazed Shot:

  • Projectile
  • Damage: 7

Diazed Shield:

  • Pushes nearby mobs away and gives resistance effect on the player

Diazed Fury:

  • Makes the player much faster and stronger for a few seconds

Diazed Flame:

  • It releases a flame that hits all the mobs in a 20 blocks ray

Calamity Scythe: + Weakness on enemies

Calamity Shoot:

  • A projectile that in addition to doing damage to creatures it also marks them as enemies, so whenever you use the next abilities of summoning creatures, they will attack the creatures marked with that projectile.

Calamity Soul:

  • It makes a soul appear that attacks marked creatures. You can mark creatures using a melee attack with the calamity scythe, but you can also use the projectile mentioned above.
  • Unlike the calamity skeleton, this soul disappears after 20 seconds and has very little life.

Calamity Skeleton:

  • It makes a skeleton appear that attacks marked creatures. You can mark creatures using a melee attack with the calamity scythe, but you can also use the projectile mentioned above.

Calamity Circle:

  • It makes a circle appear that causes damage and weakness in all the creatures that are inside it.

Divine Stone Hammer: + Slowness on enemies

Divine Stone Wall:

  • It makes a barrier appear that extends in the direction that the player is looking, it disappears after 5 seconds and can cause damage to the creatures hit.

Dripstone Fall:

  • Hit nearby creatures with dripstone.

Diving Stone Shield:

  • Builds a hollow cube where the player can stay in it for 5 seconds.


  • An earthquake that makes all the creatures jump with the impact, thus causing them all to receive fall damage.

Blooming Spear: + Health Boost

Blooming Trap:

  • Throws a flower trap, who ever steps on top receives effect of slowness and poison.

Blooming Vines:

  • It grows vines that reach the nearest mobs and causes poison in them.

Regeneration Flower:

  • It makes appear a flower that gives regeneration to those who are close to it.

Blossoming roots:

  • It makes appear a giant flower that causes poisoning in all the mobs near it.

Addon Screenshots:

Evolution Magic Weapons: Screenshot 1

Evolution Magic Weapons: Screenshot 2

Showcase Video:

UPDATE 0.2.0:


Ultimate Crystal: Has a chance to drop in the Magic Weapon Bag

If you have all the skills of all the tools evolved at level 5, when you interact with the crystal, all those skills will evolve to the ultimate level.

You will be in the Ultimate level for 5 minutes, after which all the tools will go back to level 5.


While at Ultimate Level, tool damage will double, and the cooldown of all skills will be halved.

Ultimate Level: Screenshot 1

Ultimate Level: Screenshot 2

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