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An addon to play with headphones and with the lights off. You have to be prepared to survive various terrifying creatures.


Thank you, Flamc04, Swayle, M_Productions, ShadowMechOfficial, sweakysneakerYT, mad_lichterman31, Jeryn, Shinoow, Voxla, Gargin, idk_someguy and pixelcoder for creating really good mods. This addon is just a representation of their mods.


Disclamer: This Addon is still in the development phase, so it may present glitches and programming errors.

This Addon Contains:

Cave Dweller

Cave Dweller is a scary creature that can appear in caves.

Cave Dwellers are extremely aggressive entities, and when they find you, they will not think twice before attacking you.

In an attempt to escape, these creatures will start running after you, making scary noises. No matter how tall Cave Dwellers are, they can pass through spaces up to one block high.

Cave Dweller: Screenshot

The Man From The Fog

The Man From The Fog is a creature that appears at night in Minecraft.

When this creature sees you, a lightning bolt will fall, and it will begin a frightening chase.

The Man From The Fog: Screenshot

Midnight Lurker

Midnight Lurker is a nocturnal creature that has the ability to create illusions of itself and even appear and disappear in front of the player.

When starting a Midnight Lurker chase, you will use swimming abilities and cause the player's screen to start flashing

Midnight Lurker: Screenshot


Goatman is a creature that stalks players in Minecraft's dense forests, making eerie noises

Goatman: Screenshot


Minecraft's most famous horror legend is in ShadowCraft!

Giving scares and appearing and disappearing, which can cause serious damage to players.

Herobrine: Screenshot

Herobrine will only appear if you make a special item from Herobrine's curse, as follows

Herobrine's Curse Recipe

The One Who Watches

The One Who Watches is a demonic creature that can spawn in any biome in your world.

The One Who Watches has supernatural powers because, upon locating the player, he will appear on your screen, giving a loud and disturbing scream, instantly killing the player after that.

The One Who Watches: Screenshot


Wendigo is a scary creature that has a scary mouth and has various powers such as invisibility, earthquakes, and gives players the darkness effect.

Wendigo: Screenshot

To learn about the addon in full, watch the official addon video:

Updated on April 24

  • Updated download link.
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  2. Por qué aveces no aparecen ninguno?
  3. No avatar image Deriva
    Este lo que me gustaría que poner el mod no sea por zip que ponerlo en archivo me gusta solo quitar el zip de nombre y rápido porque no me deja configurar:< android 11
  4. so what's the point of darkness it will only irritate players
  5. No avatar image Angga
    Bro, how do you get rid of the darkness effect because it is very, very annoying, please answer the rest quite well
  6. No avatar image PetroXD
    Bro aku trauma dengan add-on ini💀
    1. No avatar image Lana
      Cara download nya gimana bang
  7. No avatar image Derield
    May i have a permission or is it okay may i ask you that the man in white is actually just too over powered because it strucks many many lightning and so much lightning that he literally burn my entire house or maybe update it cause it is just too overpowered and can u change him from the middle speed cause he is just too fast than thr other and also may u remove the null thing cause it is just soo annoying that they spawn soo many in night tho and gives me like around almost 40 sec for it to remive the blindness or maybe u update him that he only spawn sometimes or maybe 2 or 1 or 4 of them and also i really like the weeping angels except that they may spawn infront of u and can u update those three?
  8. No avatar image Radit
    bro can you make night prowler and siren head, cartun cat, Steve dweler. plis
    1. Toast profile avatar Toast
      Patient is Key
      1. Toast profile avatar Toast
        we still might not know what is working on
  9. No avatar image Noob_man24
    Can u plz make a corpse stalker addon and make it mediafire that would be epic (:
  10. No avatar image Salman
    The mod in beta version 1.20.70
  11. Bro can u give me christmast dweller I only want that because I hate other dweller make me laggy😓😬😅💙
    1. Toast profile avatar Toast
      I mean, the dwellers are good
  12. Toast profile avatar Toast
    Yo bro, can you add more monsters like Skinwalkers and a rake? Or maybe a mimicker and also take your time
  13. the pack is not working. There are no files, only some folders but is nost complete and minecraft can't read it
    1. Toast profile avatar Toast
      The best thing I would recommend to get add-ons is maybe Documents If the pack is not working, you just use Documents it is easy but if you don’t know how to use it is best if you go on YouTube to know how to use documents and i hope I helped you to know also take the advice if you have a problem like this again thank you :)
  14. Lo deberías de actualizar bro hacer que aparezcan más seguido todos pero debes en cuando me explico
  15. Please 1.20.70
    1. Toast profile avatar Toast
      Yeah it’s best if add on updates to 1.20.70