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Farmer Delight Add-on Adds new crops & a wide variety of food, plus an interactive cooking system, with a functional cooking pot & cutting board

More things will be added in future updates!

Farmer's Delight Bedrock

This is an unofficial port of the mod "Farmer's Delight" made by Vectorwing

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Mod License/Port Permission:


The mod is under the MIT license & contains the following:

"Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software..."

What allows me to make this port

And that means, this Add-on is also under the MIT license.


Thank you very much ZhyuRo - Kun for making the post look nice, he also makes very good add-ons, you can see his add-ons here.

โ—† Foods:

These are the foods added by this addon...

New Foods (Screenshot 1)

New Foods (Screenshot 2)

New Foods (Screenshot 3)

โ—† Food and Drinks

New Food and Drinks

How to get ham? Right-click on a pig with a knife.

Getting Ham from a Pig

Sorry, pig... it was for science

โ—† Feast Foods:

Feast Foods

Share with your friends a slice of pie, maybe a chicken... or maybe all to yourself? :I

Eating Pie Animation

Eating Sushi Animation


โ—†Rich Soil

Rich Soil

With this block your crops will grow faster! But to achieve this, you will first need to create organic compost.

Organic Compost Recipes

Place it in the ground, and it will slowly turn into rich soil.

To make tree bark, you need to place a log on a cutting board and cut it with an axe.

โ—†Mushroom Colony

With this new function, you can now have a mushroom farm.

If anyone wanted to do it...

Anyway, to make it work, you must have rich soil, and if you place the mushroom on top, it will grow like any other plant.

Mushroom Colony

โ—† Crops:

With these crops you will be able to create new foods!

Cabbage, Onion, Tomatoes and Rice Crops

This Add-on adds 4 New Crops:

  • Cabbage
  • Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Rice

These crops are Scattered all over the world:


โ—† Cabbage & Beetroot

Found mainly on the Beach & occasionally in River

Cabbage and Beetroot

โ—† Potato

Found in Oak, Birch & Dark oak forests


โ—† Carrot & Onion

Found in Plains

Carrot and Onion

โ—† Wild Tomato

Found in the Savanna

Wild Tomato

โ—† Wild Rice

Found in Jungle & Swamps

Wild Rice


Keep in Mind:

These crops can't be planted on vanilla farmland!

That's why there is a new block: The Delight Dirt!

It works exactly the same as the vanilla farmland...

The Delight Dirt Block

You just need to put 1 Dirt on the Crafting table & you will get the Delight Dirt

With that dirt, you can only plant the add-on crops...


โ—† Cutting

It's necessary to cut different foods on a cutting board

Cutting Feature

Cutting Board Recipes:



Cutting with Knife


Cutting with Axe


Cutting with Pickaxe


Cutting with Shear


Cutting with Shovel

But for this you need a knife!


Knives Variants

They are very easy to make...

You just need a Stick & respective Minerals (Flint, iron, gold, diamond & netherite)

But be careful!

Using it will damage the tool by 1 point, use it with care!


โ—† Cooking:

First, you need these 2 blocks:

  • Stove
  • Cooking Pot

Place the Cooking Pot on top of the Stove, like this:

Cooking Pot and Stove Block

And it should start to bubble & smoke...

How it works?

It works similar to a crafting table!

(You place the ingredients & you get the food)

But remember, the cooking pot is necessary to be on top of the stove, otherwise it will not work...

This is what it looks like:

(Thanks kanadeyoru for making the UI possible)

Cooking Pot UI

If you have any problem with the custom UI, you can disable it in the addon settings.

Disabling Custom UI



A block that many were waiting to be added, with it you can cook up to 4 items at the same time, and you only need to have the stove under the skillet.

These are the items you can cook:


Skillet Recipe

Example of their use:

Skillet Usage Example

โ—† [NEW] Farmer's Book

Farmer's Book

An in-game Wiki, includes information on how to use blocks, where to find certain plants, and more. When creating a new world, you will start with this book. To craft it, you only need to place a regular book on the crafting table.

Farmer's Book Recipe

This is how it looks when you open the book:

Farmer's Book UI

โ—†Addon Language

This addon has the following languages:

Supported Languages in the Farmer's Delight Bedrock Addon

Thanks to the following people for helping me to translate the addon into different languages:

  • Snow (Portuguese)
  • _.xrichardx._ (Spanish)
  • L10NDev and bilibilimr.pineapple (Chinese)
  • kontemhonn (Russian)
  • Peaw (Turkish)
  • kontemhonn (Ukrainian)
  • Villager6404 (Nederlands | Dutch)
  • ksktube (Japanese)

If you want to help with any other language, send me a message to my discord: Pupy200mine#5915



โ—† That's all the main thing!
But there's so much more to discover, try everything you see!

โ—† Do you want to use my code to make your own addon? Go ahead!
I'd be Very grateful if you give credits :)

โ—† Activate all experimental functions and make sure you are on the latest version! (1.20.60+, not Previews)

โ—† Something is not working correctly, but you think you have done everything right?
Send me information or images of the error to my discord: Pupy200mine#5915

Updated on May 28


  • All items have been fixed to work with the latest version of minecraft.
  • The effects on items are working again.
  • The way of interacting with the cutting board has been improved.
  • The way of interacting with the skillet has been improved.
  • Custom sounds have been added to the skillet.
  • You can now repair knives with their corresponding item on an anvil.
  • The functionality of the Farmer's Book has been improved to make it easier to use.
  • Placeable food can no longer be duplicated when using any tool with Silk Touch.
V12.9 / May 14 / Old Update


  • Added maybe interesting addons
V12.8 / April 28 / Old Update


  • Fixed a bug that did not allow to see the animation on the cutting board.
  • Now compatible with Minecraft 1.20.60 or higher. (not fully tested)
  • Ham dropping works again.
V12.7 / April 10 / Old Update


  • The cutting board is working again.
  • Now you must kill a pig to get ham (before you had to interact with the entity).
V12.6 / March 24 / Old Update


  • Now you can break the cutting board in a much easier way.
  • The cutting board is working properly again after destroying it.
  • The skillet is working again.
  • Small rework to the cutting board and skillet to make it work better.
  • The farmer's book is now available in Spanish.
V12.5 / February 09 / Old Update


  • Fixed a bug that gave you too many books when starting a world.
  • Now the farmer's book is also in Chinese language.
  • Updated script version from 1.8.0-beta to 1.8.0 (you will need version 1.20.60 for the addon to work properly).
V12.4 / February 01 / Old Update


  • Small changes to make the UI of the cooking pot work properly.
  • Minimal changes in all blocks to make them more compatible with Minecraft.
  • A few new recipes on the cutting board.
V12.3 / January 23 / Old Update

V12.3 (๐ŸŒถ๏ธ):

  • Now the wild plants will not have a strange shadow.
  • New item: farmer's book, an in-game Wiki, includes information on how to use blocks, where to find certain plants, and more.
  • Minor changes to the Japanese language.
V11.3 / January 17 / Old Update

V11.3 (๐ŸŒถ๏ธ):

  • Placing items on the cutting board will no longer sound like an ally.
  • New block: skillet, you can cook food in a more interactive way.
  • Fixed a small gap between crops and the farmland.
V10.3 / January 12 / Old Update

V10.3 (๐ŸŒถ๏ธ):

  • New language: Japanese (Thanks to ksktube)
  • Fixed "Missing Dependencies" error when activating addon
  • Added an option to enable/disable the custom UI (in case you have problems with the custom UI).
  • All the images of the site are now hosted on my Github (https://github.com/Pupy200mine/pupy200mine.github.io/tree/main)
V10.2 / November 10 / Old Update

V10.2 (๐ŸŒถ๏ธ):

  • The cooking pot UI should work with custom crafting tables from other addons, ONLY if the crafting table does not have a modified UI.
  • The UI of the cooking pot will be different if it is not on the stove, (the image of the fire will be off).
V10.1 / November 05 / Old Update

V10.1 (๐ŸŒถ๏ธ):

  • New language: Deutschland | German (thanks xDanTastiic)
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow to display the cooking pot UI.
  • The addon version has been changed in the manifest.json file.
V9 / October 02 / Old Update


  • New language: Nederlands | Dutch
  • All the blocks have been modified to make it compatible with version 1.20.30:
    • Plants grow again
    • Wild plants appear again
    • The cutting board is working normally again
  • Now when cutting on the cutting board objects will not fly away

Remember, when downloading a new version of the addon, it is recommended to delete the previous version.

Download links
Farmers Delight Add-on (BP)[mcpack, 239.13 Kb]
Farmers Delight Add-on (RP)[mcpack, 1.09 Mb]
Farmers Delight Add-on (BP) V13.8.0[mcpack, 243.3 Kb]
Farmers Delight Add-on (RP) V13.8.0[mcpack, 1.09 Mb]
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60
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  1. No avatar image Dayton
    Also canโ€™t put knife in cutting board but thatโ€™s pretty minor
  2. No avatar image Dayton
    From a coding aspect I have no clue how they made it so that you can reel in the rope from the top, maybe every block is an upside down hopper that picks up blocks below it or something like that. But breaking the top one, and the bottom one being the one to break until only the top is left is black magic to me to though. also side notes your safety nets donโ€™t provide any safety lol they didnโ€™t negate any fall damage from what I tested. Please donโ€™t take any of what I said negatively, all constructive criticism. I just really need good ropes loll and the Java version of them is perfect imo, I believe in you๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ!!
  3. No avatar image Dayton
    I love the mod but you guys gotta work out your ropes. I know itโ€™s sounds stupid but those are what mainly interest me in this mod. When I saw the ones in the Java version mod showcase by noxus (at about 12:25 in the video) I simply lost my mind. Since then I have downloaded 5 versions of bedrock farmers delight, since starting Iโ€™ve only found 2 versions with rope, one being yours, and the other one I couldnโ€™t even place the rope but it was in the creative menu. When I saw rope in this I thought I had done it and I kinda had, but your guys version of rope still needs a little work. Iโ€™m no coding expert but I think you guys should take more coding from the scaffolding block but instead of going up when adding blocks it goes down. Using scaffolding coding could also Make the ropes usable like a scaffolding or ladder because the current mechanics for going up and down are a little strange and having to make a rope ladder to go back up makes using them for caving a little less alluring.
  4.  profile avatarehziecrys profile avatar ehziecrys
    Is this mod working in 1.20.80 realms?
    1. ModGenius profile avatar ModGenius
      Yes it does
  5. Is it possible to make a resource pack compatible with the conquest texture pack?
  6.  profile avatarMid profile avatar Mid
    Hello! i can't fry food in a pan. What should I do?
    i play on android
  7. How does the cooking pot work? I keep putting food in and nothing happens. It is on the stove, and bubbling and smoking.