Village and Pillage+ V2 [Compatible with Other Addons]

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Villager and Pillage+ IS an Expansion for both Pillagers and Villagers! It mostly adds Tweaks and even adds 2 new Mobs for Villagers and Pillagers! And hey maybe now you see a reason not to kill them all :))))

First here are the credits:

Village and Pillage+ addon credits

Now let's start!


Now Villagers will press buttons! (They however don't use it smartly. Just sometimes)

The Villager presses button to open the door

It's still kinda W.I.P!

Now all Pillagers and Villagers Drop Human Meat

New drop from Villager

Another thing is that Fletchers and Weaponsmith now Fight back!

Weaponsmith is fighting

Fletcher is fighting

And the Sheeper Villager now shears Sheep!

Villager and Sheep

Villager and sheared sheep

Another thing is that Cleric Sell Glowing Obsidian now! (What it does will be said later)

Glowing Obsidian from Cleric villager

And what that Blue stuff is we will talk that also later :))))))))))))

Let's just go and say a few other tweaks:

Now Villagers when spawned have no job

Removed the Nitwit Villager

Now about that Blue stuff!

Now All Villagers have 3 new Currencies

  • Kyanite
  • Topaz
  • And Garnet (These are textures by Star Origin)

Garnet (Spawns as much as Gold)

Topaz (Spawns as much as iron but only in plains)

And Kyanite (Spawns as much as Copper but only in oceans)

Kyanite, Topaz and Garnet ores and blocks

Garnet from Tool Smith villager

Topaz Gen from Tool Smith villager

Kyanite Gem from Tool Smith villager

These need to be mined with an Iron Pickaxe or Higher

Topaz Block recipe

Topaz Gen recipe


The Excavator is a new Illager mob that mines Cobblestone and Stone and is a bit stronger than Pillagers

The Excavator Illager Spawn Egg

Excavator Illager

Excavator Illager mobs

It can spawn with 3 pickaxes and spawns for now only in a Pillager Mineshaft

Pillager Mineshaft structure (screenshot 1)

Pillager Mineshaft structure (screenshot 2)

Pillager Mineshaft structure (screenshot 3)

The Villager Warrior has a 30% chance of spawning instead of a Normal Villager (Model and texture by Star origin)

These are Strong and have 50 Hearts

Villager Warrior is fighting

The Villager Warrior mobs

And another thing is that All Illager mobs have a 10% Chance of Dropping a Totem heart!

Illager mobs

With it, you can craft The Totem of undying and 5 new Totems! To get them you need the Revival Table!

Revival Table recipe

It can craft the new Totems

The Totem of Jumping recipe

Here are all Totems and what they can do:

Totem of Healing can heal you but gives you weakness

The Totem of Healing

The Used Totem of Healing

The Totem of Fire resistance gives Fire Resistance

The Totem of Fire resistance

Used Totem of Fire resistance

Totem of Power gives strength and slowness

The Totem of Power

And the Totem of Jumping gives Jump boost, Feather falling and hunger

The Totem of Jumping

Used Totem of Jumping

All Main Effects last 300 Seconds (And the Cooldown of each totem is also 300 seconds)

The Most OP Totem is the Copy Totem!

Totem of Copy (screenshot 1)

Totem of Copy (screenshot 2)

Totem of Copy (screenshot 3)

It will Copy any Block EXCEPT:

  • Netherite Block
  • Portals
  • Bedrock
  • Storage Blocks
  • Any Creative Blocks
  • Item frames
  • End portal Frame

It has only 1 use and

  • First, Interact with any Block on it
  • Then it will glow
  • After that, interact somewhere else and the Bbock you interacted with will paste in that place

Thus is all the First Version adds! I hope you like it :))))

These addons are compatible with this addon (aka interact with each other:)

Ore Trees

Yes yes, another Ore Trees addon!
Butโ€ฆ this one is pretty special!
These Ores addon doesn't just add the Vanilla ore trees.
This addon is also compatible with other "ore" addons like (M)ore!
Hope you enjoy it!

Ore Trees addon cover

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