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An addon that Inspired by Quark...

Adding New Fearures that designed to Enhance the game experience

But, Without compromising the game style...

Well, that's the Definition of this addon!

This addon adds New Features into the game that are designed to Enhance the game experience Without compromising the game style!




!! Attention !!

This Addon is an Unofficial Port of a Java Mod named "Charm" made by Svenhjol

Although the mod is MIT Licensed, I'm Still Respecting the Creator's Hardwork while making this Addon!


Back to the Addon Explanation...




Their extra behaviors besides as compact blocks...

◆ Gunpowder Block

Highly Flammable & Dissolves into air upon contact with water

◆ Sugar Block

Dissolves into air upon contact with water

◆ Rotten Flesh Block

Converts Any Soils on top of it into Podzol & Converts the block itself into Dirt if placed beside water

Myb you need those blocks (?)

◆ Ender Pearl Block

If Fed to Silverfish, it'll be Transformed into Endermite

Guarantee is better than chances...


◆ Cut Iron & Smooth Glowstone

Cut Iron & Smooth Glowstone

Bcuz there's Cut Copper & Smooth on eyes...

◆ Coral Sea Lanterns

Coral Sea Lanterns

More colors to choose!


Cave Spider

Cave Spider has a chance to drop Cobweb & Able to spawn in Deepslate Level


Husk has a chance to drop Sand & Able to spawn in Underground [Under desert]


Stray has a chance to drop Blue Ice & Able to spawn in Underground [Under snowy biomes]


Vindicator are Able to spawn in Roofed Forest


Chicken can be Sheared for feather, it has cooldown for next shearing


No Friendly Fire to Tamed Animals


Villager follows Emerald Block

◆ Tweaked Trades:

Cartographer & Wandering Trader has a chance to Sell Buried Treasure/Ocean Monument/Woodland Mansion Locator Map

  • Tool Smith are Able to Sell Lantern
  • Butcher & Leather Worker are Able to Buy Rotten Flesh for Emerald respectively
New Enchantments:

◆ [Boots] Aerial Affinity:

Increases mining speed there's air below

◆ [Pickaxe] Collection:

Pulls the dropped blocks straight to inventory

◆ Copper & Netherite Nugget

Copper & Netherite Nugget

Just more nuggets...


Bat in a Bucket, Glowball and Charged Emerald

◆ Bat in a Bucket

Interact the item to release the bat & Gain Night Vision for a short duration to see in the dark

Obtained by Catching a Bat with a Bucket

◆ Glowball

Snowball but place Temporary Light Source on impact

Glowball Recipe

◆ Charged Emerald

Throwable emerald that Summon Lightning on impact

Can be found in Dungeon


Shapeless Bread and Paper Recipes

Shapeless Recipe for Bread & Paper

Clay, Quartz and Snow Items Recipes

Clay, Quartz & Snow Block into item

Cyan and Green Dye Recipes

Warped Roots = Cyan Dye & Yellow + Blue Dye = Green Dye

Gilded Blackstone Recipe

◆ Craftable Gilded Blackstone

Smelt Ore Blocks Recipes

Raw Ore Blocks into Smelt Ore Blocks in Blast Furnace

Trident Recipe

◆ Craftable Trident

Stacked Stews, Potions and Enchantment Books

16 item Max Stack for Stews, Potions & Enchantment Books

Clear Spyglass Scope

Cactus Water Recipe

Cactus Water [Purified Water Bottle if Integrated with Tough As Bedrock]

Dispenser Recipe

Craft Dispenser with Any Condition-Bow [Reduced Durability/Enchanted]

Iron Nuggets Recipe

^Example^ [3 Nuggets x 8 Ingots]

Increased Result item Amount when Recycling [3 Nuggets x 1 Ingot]

& More Recycleable Items [Bucket, Cauldron, Compass, Hopper, Iron Door/Bars/Trapdoor, Minecart, Rails, Shears, Clock & even Golden Apple]

Retextured Suspicious Soup

Retextured Suspicious Soup


◆ Coffee


Gives Strength, Speed & Haste for 15 Seconds

Coffee Recipe

Available as Splash & Lingering too...

◆ Flavored Cakes

Flavored Cakes

Cakes but give potion effects when eaten...

Flavored Cakes Recipe

^Example recipe, for the Fire Resistance one^

It just brewing, but with cakes instead of bottles...

◆ Poison Potion from Poisonous Potato

Poison Potion from Poisonous Potato Recipe

Mundane Potion is Required & Long Mundane Potion can be use to obtain Longer Poison Potion


◆ Abandoned Crate

Abandoned Crate

Naturally Generated in Underground



Pat Pet!

Spore Blossom

Spore Blossom can be Duplicated with Bone Meal

Rabbit, Slime & Magma Cube are Immune to Fall Damage


Villager will Always be infected when infected by Zombie Villager in Any Difficulties

Chests Recipe from Logs

8 Logs = 4 Chests

Dye Recipes from Coral & Charcoal

Coral & Charcoal can be crafted into Dyes

Shapeless Cookie Recipe

Cookie recipe is now Shapeless


Vex that spawned by Evoker only has 1 Minute before despawn

Clay Block

Clay able to generate underground

Andesite, Diorite & Granite generations have been Tweaked



Svenhjol as the creator the Mod!
Vatonage, for the Vatonage Library!
Kanada for the More Stack Items!
EndiKM for the Cake!

Permissions from Kanada & EndiKM:

Permission from Kanada

Permission from EndiKM



Required Experimental Features:

Required Experiments for Charm BE Addon


Русский by @NiKantinius
Türkçe by @Bla̷ze
Українська by @NiKantinius

Working on 1.20.30+!

Enjoy & Have a Vanilla+!


> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

Updated on February 24


Added an alternative recipe for crafting Trapped Chest
Removed the Hogsbane

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