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Get your hands on the brand new update of Tough as Bedrock, this addon improves the survival aspects of Minecraft with new features such as thirst or temperature. Bored of the hunger bar? Want to travel the world, feeling the temperature overwhelming you? Then this addon is for you! Explore the world paying attention to your temperature, be careful not to get dehydrated! This survival experience is not for beginners, but if you are prepared enough. You may be able to last until your first night...

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Drinking Purified Water in the Desert

Addon Info

Addon inspired by: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/tough-as-nails

Thanks to Ghaith13 for making the fire overlay texture, the banner/thumbnail and helping with texturing the addon. Join his discord!

Thanks to ZhyuRo~Kun for making the water purifier/rain collector texture and giving me the motivation to continue updating this addon. Join his discord!

Note that I am looking for feedback, leave a comment if you have something to say, I would love to see what you think of this addon. You can also report bugs, it would be much appreciated.

Required experiments:

Required Experiments for Tough as Bedrock Addon

Addon Main Features:

This addon brings to your game a whole new experience, with its main additions being thirsty and temperature, both of these are enabled by default, but you can also enable stamina, which will make the game even more challenging.

Cold Biome and Ice Resistance Effect


The thirst bar is located above the hunger bar. The thirst bar empties over time and when you do activities such as sprinting or jumping. The thirst bar also empties when you are subject to extreme temperatures or when the environment you are in is arid.

Thirst Feature

If you are too thirsty, you will be slowed, and when your thirst bar reaches zero you will slowly start to die.

To avoid this, you will have to hydrate yourself, there are several ways to do it.

The best way to fill your thirst bar will therefore be to purify water. You can boil some in a furnace or over a fire, use filters, Ghast tears and some talent in potions making, or even collect rainwater, which is much less toxic.


Stamina is an optional feature that can be activated with a command. The stamina bar is above the thirst bar and empties as you perform tiring activities.

Stamina Feature

When you have low stamina, your actions will be hampered and you will die over time. The stamina bar fills up over time, and it fills up faster when the player is not active.


The temperature meter is located above your level. When you spawn in your world, you are immune for 5 mins to extreme temperatures.

Temperature Immunity Icon

Be careful, though, as once those 5 minutes are up you will be at the mercy of the environment. The temperature meter represents your body temperature. When it's gray, your body temperature is balanced, you don't need to worry.

Balanced Temperature Icon

If the meter starts to turn blue, you're cooling down, but be careful not to get too cold, or you'll freeze to death.

The Player Feels Cold

If, on the other hand, your temperature meter goes towards red, then you are warming up. Also, if you get too hot, you will die. Be careful when exploring the hottest biomes like the nether!

The Player Feels Hot

How to survive?

  • You can protect yourself from extreme temperatures by wearing clothing, Volcano Armor for warmth and Winter Armor for cold.
  • You can also drink an ice resistance potion or a fire resistance potion that will make you immune to extreme temperatures for a set amount of time.
  • Eating ice cubes can also cool you down, maybe it could prove useful.
  • You can use blocks such as coils and campfires to affect the temperature in an area.

Finally, there is an artifact (Thermal Rune) that makes you immune to extreme temperatures, it can be found in a guarded location underground, or in certain structures in the deserts.

There are plenty of ways to play around these new restrictions and I haven't said everything, I'll let you have fun and discover what this addon can bring to your Minecraft experience.

You can find Thirst, Temperature and Stamina info in the HUD section of the How to Play menu, when you're in-game, or when the resource pack is applied globally.

Thirst Guide Section

Type /function settings to open addon settings. You can change Drink, Stamina and Thirst settings.

Drink, Stamina and Thirst Settings Menu

Now let's look at the main items and features of this mod!


In this harsh world, you may need new clothes.

New Clothes for Heat and Cold Temperatures

Winter Clothing

Provides protection from low temperatures. Useless in the rain.

Winter Clothing Recipes:

Winter Clothing Recipes

Volcano Clothing

Volcano Clothing Recipes:

Volcano Clothing Recipes

New Blocks

Heating Coil

It can be activated by a Redstone signal. Warms the player and has a small range.

Heating Coil Recipe

Cooling Coil

It can be activated by a Redstone signal. Cools the player and has a small range.

Cooling Coil Recipe

Water Purifier

Water Purifier Block

Water Purifier Recipe:

Water Purifier Recipe

  • Allows to purify: Dirty Water Bottle and Dirty Water Canteen
  • Put dirty water in the first slot, and charcoal in the second

This GIF has been accelerated (x2), the process will take some time in the game.

Using Water Purifier

Rain Collector

Slowly accumulates purified water during rain. Use a Bucket or Glass Bottle to collect water.

Rain Collector Water Stages

Rain Collector Recipe:

Rain Collector Recipe

New items

Ice Cube

It can be eaten and allows you to lower the temperature.

Ice Cube Recipe

Winter Fur

Drops from the Polar Bear.

Winter Fur

Burnt Bronze Ingot

It can be crafted on a Crafting Table from a Copper Ingot, Gunpowder, Blaze Powder and Iron Nugget.

Burnt Bronze Ingot Recipe

Thermal Rune

When activated, it gives immunity from temperatures for 90 seconds.

You can find this stone in the chests of the following structures:

  • Ancient City
  • Desert Pyramid
  • Igloo
  • Nether Bridge

Activated Thermal Stone


If you want to know the temperature of the environment, you can use a thermometer. It's not very precise, but it will give you an idea of what armor you should be wearing.

Temperature in the Cold Biome

Temperature in the Warm Biome

Thermometer Recipe:

Thermometer Recipe


A great way to quench your thirst and replenish stamina. There are available 9 juices:

  • Apple Juice
  • Beetroot Juice
  • Cactus Juice
  • Chorus Fruit Juice
  • Glow Berry Juice
  • Melon Juice
  • Pumpkin Juice
  • Sweet Berry Juice

Juice Variants

Recipe Example:

Sweet Berry Juice Recipe

New Potions

Now you can brew a Potion of Ice Resistance that provides protection against hypothermia.

It will give you fire protection for 3 minutes.

Potion of Ice Resistance Recipe

This potion can be upgraded for up to 8 minutes.

Upgraded Potion of Ice Resistance Recipe

Charcoal Filter

You will need this filter to get a Purified Canteen.

Charcoal Filter Recipe


A portable water bag that can be used more than once.

Empty Canteen Recipe

You can upgrade the Canteen to increase the water capacity.

Canteen Upgrades Recipes

Interact with water to get Dirty Water Canteen.

Obtaining Dirty Water Canteen

Now it remains to combine it with the Charcoal Filter to get purified water!

Purified Water Canteen Recipe

A more versatile and effective way is the Rain Collector.

Water Purification

If you decide to drink water in the wild, your thirst bar will fill up, but you will get a thirst effect, you also risk getting infected with parasites.

To drink dirty water from a river or lake, go to the water, sneak and hit it.

Thirst and Parasites Debuffs

There are several ways to purify water.

The easiest way is to warm up dirty water with a furnace:

Purifying Dirty Water in the Furnace

This is not a very effective way because you are wasting many resources and time. So, you can craft a Canteen to use it multiple times.

But this is not the most universal way because there is a Rain Collector! During the rain, it collects purified water.

Addon Commands:

  • /function start: Starts the addon
  • /function stop: Stops the addon
  • /function cleanworld: In case the addon stopped, try this
  • /function settings: Opens the settings menu, allowing you to enable/disable stamina or drink punching
  • /function restart: Resets the addon

Functions Start and Restart


Player.entity.json is a minecraft file that contains parts of the player code (resource). By modifying this file, add-on creators gain access to otherwise unavailable functionalities. But this file can only be modified by one addon on each world, that's why it has compatibility issues. If you're using an addon on your world that uses player.entity.json, it will be incompatible with tough as bedrock. I can't find a work around like I did with player.json, the player.entity.json file is mandatory to have the custom bars. This file is often used by addons that modify the player model/animations or addons that have custom 3D items.

There is an addon compatible with tough as bedrock which can help you counter temperature by adding new equipment, it is Furing Fabrick I recommend you to try it alongside tough as bedrock!

Updated on December 28

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed Water Purifier UI
Changelog for December 25 / Old Update


  • Added new download links, and added some information about them
  • Changed "thermal_stone" to "thermal_rune" in the code (the displayed name is still thermal rune)
  • Added difficulty levels to stamina
  • Edited some text in the settings menus
  • Changed "output" to "Output" in the text file
  • You can now drink lava
  • Your temperature now goes up with time when you are on fire
  • Updated recipes to 1.20 for netherite items (the smithing table is currently disabled for custom items, so I added a recipe in the crafting table)
  • Updated functions to 1.20 format
  • Updated blocks to 1.20 format
  • Combined identical-looking blocks with the block states feature (Rain collector: now only 1 block) (redstone coils: now only 1 block for each)
  • Getting infected by parasites from drinking water in a bottle is now 5% more likely
  • Poison from toxicity will happen at higher toxicity values
  • Increased the maximum toxicity
  • Dirty water from bottles has been made less toxic
  • Filled canteens are now in the food sub-category, and purified canteens are in the cooked food sub-category

Fixed bugs:

  • The custom UI is now hidden in spectator mode
  • Fixed stamina
  • Repositioned the display for item names in the HUD

Known bugs:

  • Riding living entities will deform the custom HUD
  • Depending on your screen size and what GUI scale you play on, the custom effects might hide with the vanilla effects
  • When you are under the invisibility effect, the custom HUD is invisible too
  • If your skin uses a custom model, when you hold 3D items such as a bow or a shield, they will offset
  • The addon uses a "shadow player" to detect player actions without the player.json file, sculk sensors can hear this "shadow player"
Changelog for May 21 / Old Update


  • Added a setting for thirst difficulty
  • Added a hidden toxicity feature, the more you drink dirty water the worse it becomes
  • Made the thirst effect more punitive
  • Made thirst depletion over time more effective
  • Improved compatibility with Cauldrons
  • Improved volcano and winter armor models
  • Fully implemented the Water Purifier

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed Rain Collector
  • Fixed infinite water source with Water Bucket
Download links
Behavior Pack (Lootlabs, recommended)
Resource Pack (Lootlabs, recommended)
Behavior Pack (Linkvertise, if you have premium)
Resource Pack (Linkvertise, if you have premium)
Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60
3 779
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