Enhanced Recipes

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This Add-on elevates the classic game recipes while introducing fresh ones tailored for the 1.20 templates. It also enhances the functionality of the "stonecutter" table, enabling the crafting of intricate horse and mount armor for a more immersive gameplay experience.

X Doesn't require any experimental features or anything like that

โœ” Improves recipes from the vanilla game

Templates (Alternative Recipes):

  • The option to duplicate templates through recipes remains intact, but now, there are exciting new additions featuring objects true to their respective origins, including the highly sought-after netherite template.
All Templates (Alternative Recipes)

Alternative Template Recipe 1

Alternative Template Recipe 2

Alternative Template Recipe 3

Alternative Template Recipe 4

Alternative Template Recipe 5

Alternative Template Recipe 6

Alternative Template Recipe 7

Alternative Template Recipe 8

Alternative Template Recipe 9

Alternative Template Recipe 10

Alternative Template Recipe 11

Alternative Template Recipe 12

Alternative Template Recipe 13

Alternative Template Recipe 14

Alternative Template Recipe 15

Alternative Template Recipe 16

Stonecutter New Recipes:

Added new recipes for the stonecutter table

  • Furthermore, a notable enhancement allows for the inclusion of all types of wood from the game on the stonecutter table, yielding specific cuts corresponding to each wood variant. Additionally, leather armor can now be disassembled at the table, providing you with 1 piece of leather in return.
Stonecutter Recipes

Leather Armor Disarmed:

Leather Armor Disarmed Recipe 1

Leather Armor Disarmed Recipe 2

Leather Armor Disarmed Recipe 3

Leather Armor Disarmed Recipe 4

All Woods:

New Wood Recipes 1

New Wood Recipes 2

New Wood Recipes 3

New Wood Recipes 4

New Wood Recipes 5

New Wood Recipes 6

New Wood Recipes 7

New Wood Recipes 8

New Wood Recipes 9

New Wood Recipes 10

New Wood Recipes 11

New Wood Recipes 12

Recipes for Smeltable Items:

  • Raw blocks of iron, copper, and gold have gained the ability to be smelted, providing an additional means of refining these precious metals
  • Armor Recycling: Furthermore, metal-based armor can now be incinerated, yielding a valuable return of 1 ingot of the respective material.
Smeltable Recipes

Smeltable Items Recipe 1

Smeltable Items Recipe 2

Smeltable Items Recipe 3

Smeltable Items Recipe 4

Smeltable Items Recipe 5

Smeltable Items Recipe 6

Recipes for Crafting Table:

Added that you can craft:

  • All Chainmail Armor Pieces and every type of Horse Armor available in the game have received adjustments, including a slight alteration in the crafting process of leather horse armor. Additionally, you now have the option to craft mounts in a vanilla manner.
Crafting Table Recipes

Crafting Table Recipe 1

Crafting Table Recipe 2

Crafting Table Recipe 3

Crafting Table Recipe 4

Crafting Table Recipe 5

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Enhanced Recipes [All Recipes] [.mcpack]
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Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0