Natural Structure Redone V3.1 Recipe Unlock๐ŸงŠ

Thumbnail: Natural Structure Redone V3.1 Recipe Unlock๐ŸงŠ

Natural Structures has been remade! This addon adds tiny touches to your world such as sticks and bushes, which just adds to the ambiance of the world. You can find these items all over the world on the floor, which make it easy to find certain items. The difference from the original is that this works in 1.19 (and hopefully above) and I've fleshed out each block. It will be updated for each biome!

V1๐ŸŒฟ - General Biome Items

V1.5๐Ÿงน - Utilities Update

V2๐ŸŒต - Arid Update

V3๐ŸงŠ - Frigid Update

If you would like to see any specific items (that are nature-related) please comment below!

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Mobile Crashing has been solved!

Frigid Update - V3

Make the cold more vibrant!

Natural Structure Redone (screenshot 1)

Grove snowy peaks foliage (screenshot 2)

House at night


Stuff and Cook It!


  • Misc - Bird and Phantom Nests now spawn in trees, be cautious when breaking
  • Use Snow on a Coarse sifter to get plants if they do not spawn in your world!

V3.1 - Added Recipe Unlock! - Fixed Log Recipes

Arid Update - V2

Finally finished, this update adds desert and mesa foliage to your Minecraft World!

Desert foliage

Has Rtx Compatability :) (no more because of jumbled textures and mobile support)

Utilities Update - V1.5

This was meant to come bundled all together with V2, but all of my progress got reverted on New Year's Day (2023) so I've put back together the utility portion!

Special utility tools

General Blocks - V1

All new blocks in the Natural Structure Redone addon

Landscape Photos

Natural Structure Redone (screenshot 2)

Natural Structure Redone (screenshot 3)

Natural Structure Redone (screenshot 4)

Natural Structure Redone (screenshot 5)

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