Custom Player Heads

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Whether you want to add a unique gameplay experience or add player's head to your map or server, you can do so using this Add-on.

With the "Custom Player Heads" addon you can easily create custom player heads using nothing more than the Player name and his skin.

How to get the player head:

Your head needs to be in the pack first. Watch this video:

  • In Survival: The player drops his head when killed by another entity
  • In Creative: You can get any player head by typing the command: ;head player_name

Updated on November 06

  • Updated the cover
  • The pack now has more than 200 heads
Changelog for October 25 / Old Update
Changelog for October 15 / Old Update
Download links
Add a Head (With a Discord Bot)
Download Link for the Pack With All Added Heads | 1.20.40+
Supported versions
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