Conqueror of Villagers

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Are you tired of mining your own minerals? CATCH THE VILLAGERS, EQUIP THEM AND MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU...!!! With this addon, you can FORCE villagers to work for you, giving you the resources.

How to get your unpaid worker?

1. Locate future unpaid workers. (Any villager, with or without profession).

Villager: Screenshot

2. Subtly deprive them of life. (Kill them by any means possible).

Killing a Villager: Screenshot

3. They will drop a new item, "Kidnapped Villager", you must take possession of the item.

Kidnapped Villager Item: Screenshot

4. You will use "Kidnapped Villager" on the crafting table to create the "Crucified Villager" that will give you the item "Fear" every 1 to 2 minutes.

Crucified Villager: Screenshot

5. You can use the crafting table to create the "Wheel of Pain", where you can create the "Slave" on it using "Kidnapped Villager" and "Fear".

Wheel of Pain: Screenshot

6. By using the "Slave" item on the crafting table, you can get the "Miner" that is most useful for you.


Miner Recipe

7. Place your new worker on the floor like any other block AND GET READY!!!

Miner: Screenshot

Your worker will periodically produce resources on their own, every 1 to 2 minutes.

You will only have to worry about collecting the resources it produces.

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