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True Backpack v1.18 [1.19.80][Fixed]

Thumbnail: True Backpack v1.18 [1.19.80][Fixed]

Looking for a backpack to carry your things? Well, here you have a True Backpack addon that adds a backpack. This backpack can help you as well as an indicator, so you know whether you have the backpack or not.

The backpack also has various useful functions. For example, dynamic lighting, different designs, expansion slots.

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True Backpack addon permission for ModBay

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Experimental options.

Video Showcase

Server version

If you want to play with friends on a Server or Realm and True Backpack does not work as expected, download this version that is simpler.

Only the special BP is needed, it works with the same RP.

True Backpack version for Realm


The basic backpack can be created from 6 leather, 2 strings and 1 chest.

Default craft recipe for backpack.

After that, just place the backpack.

For some reason, he falls into the ground. To do this, it is better to first point at some block and then place the backpack so that it falls to the ground.

Backpack item

Placed backpack

Go to the backpack to put it on automatically.

Backpack on the back

Ender Backpack

Craft this item from Obsidians x8 + Eye of Ender x1. This will give you 256 slots in the backpack.

Craft recipe for ender backpack.

Then put it in the third slot to transform into an Ender Backpack (close and open the UI to update the slots).

Ender backpack item in the third slot

How to remove the backpack from my back?

To do it, you need to craft Remove Backpack item.

Remove Backpack item recipe craft

Then press and hold the screen or use right click.

Colors and Designs

Use the dye to change the color of the backpack.

Backpack colors

You can also use a specific item to change the design.

List of designs.

Red Mushroom

Red mushroom design.

Brown mushroom

Brown mushroom design.

Crying obsidian skin

Crying obsidian design.

Obisidan skin

Obsidian design.

Netherite skin

  • Netherite needed
  • It has the improved 256 spaces integrated [the ender bag is not necessary]
  • Once placed with Netherite it cannot be removed

RECOMMENDATION: Do not put things in slot 3 if you do not want to lose the benefit.

Netherite Backpack skin

Pumpkin skin

A carved pumpkin is needed.

Pumpkin Backpack skin

Deathnerite skin

You need to install the TrueCowboy Deathnerite addon.

  • Deathnerite ingot needed
  • It has the improved 256 spaces integrated [the ender bag is not necessary]
  • Once placed with deathnerite it cannot be removed

RECOMMENDATION: Do not put things in slot 3 if you do not want to lose the benefit.

Deathnerite backpack skin

Hay skin

  • Quite a farmer
  • A HAY BLOCK is needed

Hay backpack skin

Dripstone skin

  • leaks?do not take things from the caves
  • A DRIPSTONE BLOCK is needed

Dripstone backpack skin


  • NETHER STAR needed
  • You receive resistance 1

Cyber STYLE backpack

Cyber STYLE backpack on Player

Cyber Style backpack and Resistance effect


  • Big discord server donator
  • A COOKIES is needed

Cafi backpack

Prismarine skin

  • Prismarine Dark needed

Prismarine skin.

Magma skin

  • Magma Block needed

Magma skin.

End bricks

  • End bricks needed

End bricks skin.

Quartz bricks

  • Quartz Block needed

Quartz bricks skin.

Bee Nest

Bee Nest needed.

Bee nest skin.


Sculk needed.

Sculk skin.

Sculk Catalyst

Sculk Catalyst needed.

Sculk catalyst skin.


Bone Block needed.

Bone skin.


Popped Chorus Fruit needed.

Purpur skin.


Dirt needed.

Dirt skin.

Mud brick

Mud Brick needed.

Mud brick skin.

What other functions does it have?

The backpack can grab things that are in its range.

Backpack grab feature

Displayed Tools

Put the tool in the second slot of the backpack to display it on it.

Netherite pickaxe on the backpack

In new versions, the backpack can display additional items: Fishing Rod, Totem and Shears.

Backpack displays items

Inventory slots in Backpack

Backpack displays Shears and other items

Backpack with Lava Bucket

Backpack displays Lava Bucket

Backpack with Lava Bucket and Totem

This is only decorative! Do not try to kill yourself with the Totem!

Dynamic Light

Dynamic light when you have lava in the primary slot.

Lava bucket in primary backpack slot

A small light source will automatically appear, illuminating dark areas.

Dynamic Light with lava bucket

Water Bucket

Put a bucket of water in the primary slot to display it on the backpack.

Water bucket in primary backpack slot

Water bucket on a backpack

Backpack Indicator

The addon brings an indicator that shows if the player is carrying the backpack on their back.

Backpack Indicator off

Backpack Indicator enabled

If you use an addon that uses UI and there are errors, you can remove the small icon before entering the world.

True Backpack addon UI enabled

True Backpack addon UI disabled

Updated on May 15

  • Fixed a serious bug that was in minecraft 1.19.80
  • Fixed a serious error which made it impossible to put items in the special slots
  • New design: Red mushroom
  • New design: Brown mushroom