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It can be a pain to return to your last known death location only to find out that your items have despawned. Trust me, it happens to me all the time. Don't worry, though, this add-on solves that problem! You no longer need to worry about losing your items!

XxPogglylitxX's Corpse

About Add-On

Player Corpse is a Add-On that adds a new way for your items to stay safe when you died, not in lava though. The Corpse will spawn right where you have died with Death Coordinates to tell you exactly where your corpse is. It will even show the name of the player it belongs to and the dimension where you died!

Player Corpse Coordinates in the Chat

The corpse looks like a skeleton because it's your skeleton. To get your loot back you can interact to open a UI to recover what you want! Even everything if you want to!

Inventory with Items

Corpse with the Same Items

When you hit your corpse, you will be prompted with an “Are You Sure?” UI to warn the player about “turning their corpse to dust”. The player can decide to keep the corpse or “turning it to dust”.

Turn Corpse Into Dust Dialog UI

The Jar Of Bone Ash is a new decorative block. To get this new block, you need to combine Bone Dust with an Empty Bottle. Bone Dust can be found when putting Decayed Bones on a campfire, to soften the Decayed Bone and drop Bone Dust.

The Jar of Bone Ash


  • This Add-On Requires the following Experimental Options:

Required Experimental Options for the Player Corpse Addon

  • This Add-On can be freely used anywhere with credit.
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Updated on November 17

  • Modified the functionality to prompt only the owner of a corpse to perform dusting.
    • This was done to prevent people from deleting your loot on purpose.
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  1.  profile avatarmrjddye profile avatar mrjddye
    Hey Poggy, thanks for the great work. But looks like something might be wrong, during testing it seems to only work one time?
  2.  profile avatarYeSMan20 profile avatar YeSMan20
    this addon is rly useful if you dont play with keep inv on, and dont like having your stuff despawn whenever you die