Village Bounty

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Village is a Complex Structure that is inhabited byย Villagers
And there are Various Loots that can be looted

Instead of just Trading with them & Looting the loots...
What if you Able to do Jobs for the Villagers?

That's what this Addon Does!

This addon is Inspired by "Bountiful" mod made by Ejektaflex

And the mod is GNU Lesser General Public Licensed



Bounty Item

This addon Adds a type of item called as Bounties

How it Works?

These Bounties contains Objectives & Rewards
The Objectives can be Collected & the Rewards can be Redeemed!

These Bounties are Based on Villager Jobs:

  • Armorer (Armorsmithing Bounty)
  • Butcher (Butchering Bounty)
  • Cartographer (Cartography Bounty)
  • Cleric (Cleric's Supplies Bounty)
  • Farmer (Farming Bounty)
  • Fisherman (Fishing Bounty)
  • Fletcher (Fletching Bounty)
  • Leatherworker (Leatherworking Bounty)
  • Librarian (Librarian Bounty)
  • Stonemason (Masonry Bounty)
  • Shepherd (Shepherding Bounty)
  • Smiths (Smithing Bounty)
  • Wandering (Wandering Bounty)

These Bounties have Rarity that shows the Quality & Difficulty of the bounty:

Bounty Items With Rarity

  • Common (Red)
  • Uncommon (Yellow)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Orange)

List of All Bounty Items

There are 119 Bounties that can be found, ex:

Cartography Bounty Item Info

How to Obtain them?

These Bounties can be found in Village Chests

Bounty Items in Village Chest

  • The Villager's Jobs-based Bounties can be found in the Respective Job House Chests

Bounty Table:

Bounty Table Block

This table is used for Redeeming the Bounties!

Redeeming a Bounty With Bounty Table


Bounty Table Recipe


Bounty Table Rewards


  • Ejektaflex for the mod that Inspires this addon!

> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!


Required Experimental Features:

Required Experimental Features

โ—† Working on 1.19.0+!

Enjoy & Complete a Bounty!

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Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.0