[1.0.0] Strong Steel

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This addon adds Steel gear that has the same stats as Diamond, but with different appearance.

Steel (Carbonized Iron, Tools and Armor)

Steel Recipe, Tools and Armor

In order to make the steel, we will have to join iron and carbon on the crafting table, this will create the carbonized iron. With the carbonized iron, we will put it in the oven, either cast iron or normal, and it will give us a nugget, we will need 6 nuggets to make each ingot.

Tools Durability and Damage

  • Durability: 1531 (same as diamond)
  • Sword damage: 7
  • Axe: damage: 6
  • Pickaxe damage: 5
  • Hoe damage: 4
  • Shovel Damage: 4

Iron and Steel Armor Sets

Armor Durability and Protection

  • Durability: 500-650
  • Helmet Protection: 4
  • Chestplate Protection: 7
  • Leggings Protection : 6
  • Boots Protection: 3


The craftings are the same as the diamond, but with the steel ingots, so there would be no problems in making the tools and armor

(The steel block is not included)

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