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Chocolate is honestly quite boring in Minecraft. Can you deny that? You sort of harvest some cocoa beans, and then put them *raw* with wheat to make a cookie... So, I've tried my best to fix this too!

So, how have I changed this? Well, now, the whole process is more similar to how chocolate is made in real life, resulting in this new recipe:

Cookie Dough Recipe

So, now you need Dough and Chocolate Chunks, which are both a bit tedious to obtainโ€ฆ Anyway, let's get started on how to make chocolate chunks and dough, as shown in the recipe above!

Step 1: Fermenting

These cocoa beans need to be fermented first. No, not like spider eyes... You need a special Fermentation Box for it!

Fermentation Box Recipe

Once you have one, interact with it, using the Cocoa Beans, and wait a while for it to ferment.

Fermentation Box

Step 2: Drying and Roasting

Place the Fermented Cocoa Beans on a campfire, and they will dry after a while!

Campfire and Smoker

As you could assume based on the image above, you will need to put the dried beans in a Smoker afterwards. And that's this step done!

Step 3: Cutting

First, craft a Knife:

Knife Recipe

And then, use it to cut the Roasted Beans!

Roasted Beans Recipe

And now, you have Cocoa Nibs!

Step 4: Grinding

We're going to be grinding these the old fashioned way: With a Pestle and Mortar!

Pestle and Mortar Recipe

Place down your Mortar, and interact using the Cocoa Nibs.

Pestle and Mortar

Then, stir three times. (12 clicks)

And, you receive a Chocolate Chunk! (or multiple, actually...)

Chocolate Chunk

Step 5: Making Dough

Grind wheat in the Mortar to make flourโ€ฆ


And mix the flour with water, to make Dough!

However, when you combine the Dough and Chocolate Chunks, as I showed you in the first recipe, you receive raw Cookie Dough, which could potentially poison youโ€ฆ So, youโ€™ll need to heat it in a furnace!

So, thank you for reading all these steps, and enjoy the Add-On!

Updated on October 16

  • I added Dough and made the Knife available to equip to your hand!
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  1.  profile avatarFeesh38 profile avatar Feesh38
    Do you think that I could use the code from this add-on to make a realistic cooking add-on?
    1.  profile avatarD profile avatar D
      I think that would be a great idea. On the Java Edition we have a Caupona mod, it would be nice to see something similar for BE ๐Ÿค”
  2.  profile avatarFeesh38 profile avatar Feesh38
    Lol I just released this, and it's instantly covered by like the 5 other posts above it... oh well lol
    1.  profile avatarFeesh38 profile avatar Feesh38
      But I think the new version is almost readyโ€ฆ