Rotten Creatures Remake (Bedrock) (Official)

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Adds a variety of zombies that will make survival more difficult.


I should also mention that the addon is a recreation of a Java mod, but the creators RPorotos and Fusion Studio gave me permission to do so, so this is the official port of the Rotten Creatures.

Permission from PRorotos

(The mod was created by Fusion Studio, but I still have permission to make this port)



  • Applies Hunger III when hitting a target.
  • Depending on how low his health it, it will gain Resistance or Strength.
  • If it is targetting an entity, he may spawn Scarabs - on death, spawns between 1 to 3 Scarabs.
  • There is a chance to spawn as Ancient Mummy.
  • May spawn at desert biomes.


  • Small arthropod entity summoned by Mummies.
  • They have resistance to Fall Damage and Cactus.
  • Ancient Mummies will summon the Flying Scarab variant.

Mummy and Scarabs


  • Applies Slowness Effect when hitting a target.
  • If holding a spear, the speed movement, attack damage and reach will increase!
  • May spawn with a wolf that will target any nearby players.
  • May spawn at snowy/icy biomes.


  • Will spawn next to Glacial Hunters and follow them.
  • Unlike other wolves, it cannot be tamed and will always attack nearby targets.

Glacial Hunter and Hunter Wolf


  • Currently spawns at Swamp Biomes.
  • On attack, it will have different behaviors:
    • If adult, it will apply blindness and poison.
    • If baby, it will explode and spawn a lingering cloud of poison.
  • While on water, it will receive a movement speed boost.
  • On death, it has a 50% chance to spawn a lingering cloud of poison.



  • When a Zombie dies in powder snow it may turn into a Frostbitten, the chance of this depends on the difficulty.
  • Currently spawn at Cold Biomes - While attacking, it will apply Freeze to the target, the duration depends on the difficulty.
  • When walking on water it will set it on ice, similar to the Frost Walker Enchantment.
  • On Baby's death, it will create a snow explosion and apply Freeze to any nearby entities.
  • Will attack any Burneds on sight.

(The freeze effect could not be created due to the limitations of bedrock, so it had to be replaced by the slow effect)



  • Will spawn underground at any overworld biomes and below sea level.
  • Similar to skeletons, they will restrict sun.
  • Added implemented only in bedrock: The undead miner has the ability to mine blocks.
  • There aren't and will not be any baby variants for this mob, you monster.
  • Has four different ranks: Stone, Iron, Diamond and Gold:
    • Stone is the most common variant.
    • Iron is an uncommon variant.
    • Diamond is the rarest variant.
    • Gold will replace any Stone variants at Mesa biomes.
  • Each variant can be identified by their pickaxes and have an unique loot.

Undead Miner


  • When a Zombie dies in lava it may turn into a Burned, the chance of this depends on the difficulty.
  • Currently only spawns at nether wastes.
  • Has three different variants: Normal, Crazy and Obsidian.
  • While attacking it will set the target on fire, the duration will depend on the difficulty.
  • Will attack any Frostbittens on sight.


  • When low health, it will turn into the Crazy Variant.
  • Will emit lava particles while in this state, Crazy Obsidian Variant will emit obsidian tear particles.
  • When Crazy, it increases it's attack damage, knockback resistance and moving speed.
  • There's a 0.5% chance for a Crazy Variant to spawn naturally.


  • When in contact with water, it will turn into the Obsidian variant (excluding rain and splash potions)
  • When in contact with lava, it will reignite.
  • When Obsidian, it becomes immune to projectiles and gains resistance to fall damage.
  • When Obsidian, it increases it's attack damage and knockback resistance, however it becomes slower.



  • Large zombie that may spawn at Beach biomes, but rarely.
  • Has the ability to summon lackeys to attack the target.
  • Hold a golden sword in his main hand.
  • When low health, it will take out an ignited TNT Barrel that will explode in 5 seconds.
  • If you manage to kill him while holding the TNT Barrel, you will receive the barrel along with the rest of the loot.
  • May drop treasure loot! along with a Treasure Chest that will always drop as long as it was killed by a player.


  • Will emerge from the ground once they are summoned by Dead Beard.
  • Zombies will hold a stone sword while skeletons will hold two.
  • They will disappear 25 seconds after summoned.

Dead Beard and Zombie and Skeleton Lackeys


  • Spawn at any biome that may have thunderstorms.
  • Has a low chance to spawn during a thunderstorm.
  • May apply Channeled effect to the target when hit, durability depends on difficulty.
  • Has resistance to Fire, Arrows and Cactus.
  • After hurt, it will increase his speed for 5 seconds and receive Resistance III for 3 seconds.
  • If it touches water, he will disappear on a lightning bolt.
  • If the target is far from reach, it will use a Dash Attack similar to Riptide.
  • When struck by a lightning bolt or after a Dash Attack, it will restore his health.
  • It attacks zombies, converting them into Zaps.
  • For each Zap nearby him, he will increase his strength by a level.
  • If it has 80% of his life or lower, he will strike lightning bolts nearby, the lower his life, the higher the chances will be.
  • Once the thunderstorm ends, it will lose his powers.
  • The trident on his chest may glint if his powers are active.
  • On death, it may drop a trident, if it is thundering then the chance is 100%.
  • The trident may drop enchanted with channeling or riptide, but if it is not thundering then it will drop unenchanted.


  • Summoned by Immortals.
  • May apply Channeled effect to the target when hit, durability depends on difficulty.
  • If struck by a lightning bolt, it will heal.
  • It is immune to sunlight.
  • Attacks nearby zombies and infect them into Zaps.

(The CHANNELLED effect could not be recreated perfectly but it partially fulfills the function of what the original effect would do)




  • Dropped by Frostbittens.
  • Can be cooked to get Rotten Flesh.
  • When eaten, there's a 80% chance to apply Freeze to the user.
  • Can be used to brew the Freeze Effect.

(The freeze effect could not be created due to the limitations of bedrock, so it had to be replaced by the slow effect)

Frozen Rotten Flesh


  • Dropped by Burneds.
  • Can be used as Furnace fuel, however it requires three of these to cook a single item.
  • When eaten, there's a 50% chance to apply Fire Resistance to the user, but there's also a 50% chance to set the entity on Fire.

Magma Rotten Flesh


  • Captain's personal treasure.
  • When placed, it will open and start dropping random treasure items for 10 seconds before disappearing.
  • The treasures and chances are:
    • Iron Nugget = 35%
    • Gold Nugget = 15%
    • Gold Ingot = 7.5%
    • Emerald = 2%
    • Diamond = 0.25%
    • Totem of Undying = 0.06%

Treasure Chest


  • Can be crafted with gunpowder and a barrel.
  • When ignited it will behave just like normal TNT.
  • Fireworks can also interact with TNT Barrels, shooting them in the air depending on the face that has been interacted with.

TNT Barrel

Showcase Video:

People who participated in the project:

  • PetergamerXD (Coder)
  • Fusion Studio gave me the models, textures and animations of the mobs to make this remake so all credits to them, I was only in charge of coding everything for bedrock.


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  1. Hello everyone, the addon works in the latest versions and does not use player.json. In case you're wondering, tell me about your experiences with the addon.