R'on R'ae: Upgrade for better life (Test ver.)

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This add-on is based on Ex Nihilo from Minecraft Java, with new models, textures, and features to add variety to your gameplay.


Sieve Base (Log Sieve):

Sieve Base

  • Add 'Mesh' [Stick Mesh, String Mesh, Andesite Mesh].
  • Interact with Sieve with [Dirt, Gravel, Sand, Nethercrack, Soul Sand, Soft Endstone].
  • Sieving by tap/click has the chance to drop items.
  • Sneak and tap or destroy the block to get mesh back.
  • Place Hopper under Sieve Base to auto collect items.

Harder Sieve Base (Iron Sieve):

  • ?

Sieve Meshs:

  • Stick Mesh - Cheapest but No chance to get Diamond/Emerald and very bad loots!
  • String Mesh - Normal Mesh for Ex Nihilo, Better Loots and Has a chance to get Diamond/Emerald.
  • Andesite Mesh - The Way to Stone Age and Automatic in Future!
  • Iron Mesh - ?

Other Blocks:

  • Nethercrack - Interact *** with Netherrack and *****.
  • Soft Endstone - *** Endstone in *** or ***.




  • Drop from sieving Dirt or using *** ***** Stone/Andesite/Diorite/Granite.
  • Better Mesh, Better Drops.
  • You need 4 pieces to craft 1 Cobblestone/Andesite/Diorite/Granite.

Ender Piece:

  • Drops from sieving Soft Endstone.
  • You need 4 pieces to craft 1 Ender Pearl.

Required Experiments:

Required Experiments for the R'on R'ae Addon


Updated on December 29

29 Dec 23 | v0.2

  • Removed Grass Seed
  • New Meshes [String Mesh, Andesite Mesh]
  • New Blocks [Nethercrack, Soft Endstone]
  • New Item [Ender Piece]
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