Survival Fix 1.1.2 {Honey & Copper Update}

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"Survival Fix" acst addon proposes to add content that impacts the game in its early and middle stages, in this update we give a new use for copper and honey.


I recommend this addon to be used together with other addons in a pack, and I agree with adding this addon to an addon-pack/modpack, but ask for my confirmation on Twitter/X.


Now from 4 copper ingots, you will be able to make a Copper Plate, from a Copper Plate you can craft Copper Armor (I recommend this armor in the first days of training when you still have stone tools)

Copper Plate: Recipe

After you find iron, instead of wasting it on a new armor, you can upgrade your old copper armor to save iron (only helmet and chestplate)

Copper Armor: Iron Upgrades

After you find some lapis and a bottle of experience, you will be able to make another upgrade with lapis, which will increase the armor durability and your health with a few extra hearts (in the next update, this upgrade will be nerfed, so take advantage of it now)

Copper Armor: Lapis Upgrades

Copper will be updated in future versions.


Now we move on to honey:


First of all, bees now drop wings (between 0-2 wings per bee)

Crystallized Honey:

Now you will be able to make crystallized honey again (this is done by putting honeycomb in the smoker [only in the smoker])

This item, when eaten, will remove the negative effects (bad omen, nausea, blindness, and wither effect), but this comes at the cost of 5 seconds of poison (because crystallized honey is toxic in real life). I recommend taking crystallized honey with you when fighting mobs that can give negative effects, especially the wither effect.

Bee Plate & Bee Chestplate:

Bee plates can be used together with 2 bee wings to create a new "Bee Chestplate" that offers the effect of falling easily for a few seconds, although it has weak protection and low durability (recommended being worn when building at high altitudes)

New Honey Items

Things in Beta:

For now, there are some unfinished items in the addon such as jade armor and target armor.

Target Armor:

At the moment, it's just a decorative armor that can be used for minigames between plays or put on an armor stand for target shooting (in the future, I intend to add a much wider function). The armor is crafted with a leather chestplate and a target block.

I hope you like this addon. I, for one, had fun creating it, and I will try to update it as often as I can. The addon was tested on 1.20.41, and I have no idea how it works on other versions.

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