Ice and Steel - Choose your species! [v0.1]

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Evolve, embrace a dynamic species, conquer unique challenges, and explore a vibrant world tailored to your gameplay style!


The addon defines the type of entity you are as a species, everyone starts out as human. Upon entering the world, the player is given a book and a species change pearl; the pearl can be used to change species by right-clicking.

Choose your specie!

Species options include:

  • Elf: A species with pointed ears and skills with bows and light weapons.
  • Goblin: A species with large ears, light weapon skills and superhuman agility.
  • Human: Default


When you enter the world you will get a book that can also be crafted, by right-clicking you can see important information about the addon and so on...


The addon adds new structures themed with species present in it.

Structure: Screenshot 1

Structure: Screenshot 2


The addon is compatible with other addons... So you can further enhance your experience with other addons in conjunction with Ice and Steel!

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  1.  profile avatarobderik profile avatar obderik
    Можешь добавить больше расс, дварфы, гоблины, дракон-человек, оборотней, какие нибудь их деревни, вампиры
  2. ; Are there villages and more entities like this? I mean, elf villages?
    1.  profile avatarSunrise profile avatar Sunrise
      It's a good idea for a future update
  3. ballin profile avatar ballin
    Hey can you add a dragon species just asking
    1.  profile avatarSunrise profile avatar Sunrise
      Maybe, it will be a good addition