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Have you ever thought about being able to duplicate your item from vanilla Minecraft or an add-on? Well, this add-on does that.


  • This add-on does not have a translation into Portuguese;
  • The only items that the block will not duplicate are: Netherite Scrap, Ancient Debris, Netherite Ingot, Netherite Block, the Duplication block itself, and the Generation Powder.


Item Generator UI

UI Information:

  • The item that doubles goes in the first slot and the generation powder in the second.

How to use:

  • For you to start using it, you will need to have a chest or barrel on top of the block, then an item that you want to duplicate in the first slot, and generation powder in the second slot, and this will start to generate. (The time is random and can be fast or slow)

Can you use hopper?

Yes. But it's not like Minecraft, where you can connect anywhere. You will need to do it like this, for example: if the block has been rotated forward, the funnel will have to be behind it.

Required Experiments:

Options that need to be activated:

Required Experiments for the Item Generator Addon

Updated on February 14

  • Updated to Minecraft version 1.20.60
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RES for 1.20.60
BEH for 1.20.60
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