Dolly BE

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This add-on comes with an item that can pick up any block, both from Minecraft and from any add-ons.

How to use:

  • To get the block, you will need to click on the block. To place the block somewhere, just hold the screen.

Information that will appear on the item:

Dolly Item


Dolly Recipe

Required Experiments:

Features that you need to activate:

Required Experiments for the Dolly BE Addon

Updated on February 21

  • Add-On updated to 1.20.60.
  • Updated download link to go through Syflink and then Linkvertise.
Changelog for January 23 / Old Update
  • New download links.
Download links
RES for 1.20.60++
BEH for 1.20.60++
Supported versions
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  1. Can you pls update the mob catcher