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Reckon Soul Gaming presents you another addon, "Minecraft, But There's a Random Chaos Every Minutes". Every minute, a random chaos happens.ย You don't know what happens in the next few minutes. Your goal is to survive 100 days or kill the Ender Dragon.

So what can you expect from this addon? Well, every minutes you are going to struggle to survive. There's a random and hilarious chaos every minute of the game. You will be in a sticky situation, or you will get attacked by Zombie Hordes, or Lightning can strike you. There are some funny things like Steve Slime, Slender Man, Dangerous, and Terminator that can break all the blocks. This addon will be more fun than any regular game of Minecraft because of its unpredictability. There are two types of this addon:

  • In the first one, the chaos happens every 30 seconds. This is the best for 1 or 2 players and for a short time.
  • In the second one, the chaos happens every one minute. It is suitable for 4 or more players.

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High Jump

MLG Slime Jump

Evil Snow Golems

Cow from Future

Lightning Creeper Horde

Steve Slimes


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Updated on June 15

  • Updated to 1.20.80
  • Added more surprise chaos
  • Bug Fixed
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Minecraft, But Every 1min There's a Random Chaos v4
Minecraft, But Every 30 sec There's a Random Chaos v4
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