Minecraft, but I can craft Custom Diamonds

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Finally, I made this mod for you. In this mod, I am giving you a challenge to make all diamonds. In this mod, there are so many types of diamonds.

So Let's See Other Features Of This Mod And How It Works:

  • Turn on Experimental Options
  • Activate Cheats
  • Apply RP (Resource) And BP (Behavior)

Now Let's See What I Added In This Mod

Diamonds List

Diamond Crafting Table: Screenshot

Make sure to make a diamond crafting table to craft custom diamonds!

1) Wood Diamond

Wood Diamond

This diamond gives you some apples and sticks.


Wood Diamond Recipe

2) OP Diamond

OP Diamond

This diamond gives you unlimited diamonds.


OP Diamond Recipe

3) Pig Diamond

Pig Diamond

This diamond spawns unlimited pigs after you hold it.


Pig Diamond Recipe

4) Creeper Diamond

Creeper Diamond

This diamond gives you a creeper gun. Creeper guns have the power to throw real creepers!


Creeper Diamond Recipe

5) Ghast Diamond

Ghast Diamond

This diamond spawn a ghast.


Ghast Diamond Recipe

6) Time Diamond

Time Diamond

This diamond gives you two more types of diamonds.

Time Diamond Night

Time Diamond Day


Time Diamond Recipe

7) The end of the diamonds

The End of the Diamonds

This diamond will spawn all the boss mobs. This will be your last diamond.


The End of the Diamonds Recipe

To craft all the diamonds, make sure to craft the diamond crafting table.

Diamond Crafting Table


Diamond Crafting Table Recipe

So I hope you understand how it works and how to play with this mod, so download it and enjoy!

Note: If you are going to review my add-on, give me credit in your video's description. Direct Mediafire links are not allowed.

Thank you!

By Krish Gamecraft

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Supported versions
1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0