Simples Magnets

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Add-On that adds 4 magnets, each with a different range.

Added Magnets:

  • Iron Magnet, Gold Magnet, Diamond Magnet and Netherite Magnet.

Range of each magnet:

  • Iron Magnet = 5
  • Gold Magnet = 8
  • Diamond Magnet = 11
  • Netherite Magnet = 15

How to use:

  • To use the magnet, just hold down the screen or right-click, and when you do this, an interface will open where you can choose the range to pick up the items. After that, you can leave the magnet on the hotbar and it will start pulling the item.

Information that will appear on the magnets:

Netherite Magnet Item Info


What changes in this interface is just the name.

Netherite Magnet UI

Required Experiments:

Features that you need to activate:

Required Experiments for Simples Magnets Add-On

Updated on February 10

  • Updated the Add-On to 1.20.60
  • Fixed the download links
Download links
RES for 1.20.60
BEH for 1.20.60
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