More Camera Perspectives [1.20.40+] (No Experimental Features)

Thumbnail: More Camera Perspectives [1.20.40+] (No Experimental Features)

As you know, Minecraft only has three Camera Perspectives, which is good but not enough. So I made this mod, which adds some new useful & interesting Camera Perspectives to Minecraft...

...This addon is very user-friendly, works with other addons and perfectly works for all device players, i.e., mobile players, PC players, etc.

This mod also doesn't add any new items to the game, and No Experimental Features are needed, so you can enjoy a full vanilla-like experience.

-: How It Works :-

  • After activating this pack, all you need to do is just take a normal Stick, and hold it in your hand and use it, (long press on the screen/right click)

Opening Camera Perspective Menu

Note: There is no change with stick, you can use it for all other purposes such as attacking or crafting.

Normal Stick Usage

  • When you use the Stick, this interface will open.
  • Here, you can select the camera perspectives that you want to.

Camera Perspective Menu Options

-: About Camera Perspectives :-

There are a lot of camera perspectives to choose from

  • First of all, the top 4 are very useful in-game camera perspectives, such as
  1. Default [Turns off the mod, changes camera to default]
  2. First Person [Changes camera to first person]

First Person Camera Perspective

  1. Third Person Back [Changes camera to third person back]

Third Person Back Camera Perspective

  1. Third Person Front [Changes camera to third person front]

Third Person Front Camera Perspective

  • And finally, there are several new camera perspectives that are very useful and interesting, such as...
  • Dynamic Third Person 1 [Improves the third person camera and makes it dynamic]

Dynamic Third Person 1 Camera Perspective

  • Dynamic Third Person 2 [Improves the third person camera and makes it dynamic]

Dynamic Third Person 2 Camera Perspective

  • Follow Cam [Very useful for making crazy cinematic shots, very cool camera perspective]. Basically, the camera gets placed in a certain location where you want it, and then it will focus on the player.

Follow Cam Camera Perspective

  • Place Camera Here [You can place the camera wherever you look, with a single click]

Place Camera Here Camera Perspective

  • Top-Down/Maze View [Sub me on YT]

Top-down/Maze View Camera Perspective

  • X-Ray Underground [You can see what's underground, very helpful in finding underground caves, structures, etc.]

X-Ray Underground Camera Perspective

  • Watchtower View [Very helpful in finding structures, biomes and other things, it will improve your adventure experience]

Watchtower View Camera Perspective

  • Isometric Camera {4 Different Types} [Makes the camera isometric, a popular camera perspective used in video games]

Isometric Camera Perspective: Type 1

Isometric Camera Perspective: Type 2

Isometric Camera Perspective: Type 3

Isometric Camera Perspective: Type 4

  • Dimetric Camera {4 Different Types} [Makes the camera dimetric]

Dimetric Camera Perspective: Type 1

Dimetric Camera Perspective: Type 2

Dimetric Camera Perspective: Type 3

Dimetric Camera Perspective: Type 4

  • Trimetric Camera {4 Different Types} [Makes the camera trimetric]

Trimetric Camera Perspective: Type 1

Trimetric Camera Perspective: Type 2

Trimetric Camera Perspective: Type 3

Trimetric Camera Perspective: Type 4

  • 2D View (SideView) {4 Different Types} [You know about this, I bet ;)]

2D View Camera Perspective: Type 1

2D View Camera Perspective: Type 2

2D View Camera Perspective: Type 3

2D View Camera Perspective: Type 4

[Must try for better details & experience]

  • etc...

[Please note that, I have a lot of plans to add more new camera perspectives, I'm waiting for your feedback & suggestions. Please share anything with me about feedback & suggestions in my Discord Server or YouTube Channel, thank you!]


  • First, download the pack
  • Then you will get a zip file, extract that zip file, and you will get a mcpack file
  • You can click on that mcpack file and select Minecraft (via your file manager)
  • And this pack will automatically be imported into the game
  • And then you can activate the pack in your world
  • And enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30
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