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The best Replay Mod! Hello there! If you are trying to find a replay/cinematic mod to make cinematic videos of your Minecraft world, then ReplayCraft is the best option for you...

...ReplayCraft is extremely easy to use, totally lag & jittering free and packed with tons of features.

Key features of ReplayCraft:

  • Extremely easy to use,
  • No additional items,
  • No need to enable experimental features or any cheats,
  • Lag & Jitter free (at any speed),
  • Full customisation available,
  • Rather than using the old method of teleporting players over shorter distances, it uses a different method, which is lag & jitter free,
  • It doesn't summons entities for position & location marking, which reduces the lag and complexity significantly,
  • Different camera modes are available that give unique cinematic videos, etc...

-:Some Examples:-

  • These are just a few simple examples, there are endless possibilities,
  • Show your creativity & explore the mod...
  • Use different camera modes & other features to make crazy videos like this...


ReplayCraft: Example 1


ReplayCraft: Example 2


ReplayCraft: Example 3


ReplayCraft: Example 4


ReplayCraft: Example 5

  • Please Watch These Videos For More Details, and make sure to try this mod for full experience ;)

--How to use ReplayCraft--

It's extremely easy to use ReplayCraft:

  • I tried to make it simple and easy to use in vanilla Minecraft, so first find any one of these items/blocks (Dirt, Sand, Netherrack or End Stone)
  • Or you can use these items: (Flint, Coal or Charcoal)

[Switch between items or blocks as per your convenience, from pack settings (Subpacks)]

  • Then long press/right click while holding any one of these blocks/items, and the ReplayCraft menu will open...

ReplayCraft Menu

  • And from here, you can use your imagination & creativity to create stunning cinematic videos of your Minecraft world...
  • There are endless possibilities!

ReplayCraft Usage

-:How to use ReplayCraft's Menu:-

As I said, it is extremely easy to use it...

As you can see, there are several buttons that perform different functions that you can use.

  1. Add Position Frames: This is the most important button, and this will help you to add position frames, so stand and look exactly how you want the camera to be, and click Add Position Frames. This will add a position frame. You can add multiple position frames, but try adding a minimum of two.
  2. Start Camera: As the name suggests, after adding the position frames, you can click Start Camera, and your beautiful cinematic will start.
  3. Camera Settings: Camera settings is very useful. After clicking it, you can be able to change settings related to the camera, such as its speed and type of ease or transition.
  4. Particle Settings: Similar to Camera Settings, Particle Settings will allow you to change settings related to particles, basically you can choose between different particles, or you can enable or disable them.
  5. Remove all Frames: Remove all frames will help you when you want to remove all frames,
  6. Player's AOC/Pitch: This option will help you, if you want to face your camera at any specific angle (vertically). You can change it to 0ยฐ if you want your camera to look straight forward, or 90ยฐ or -90ยฐ, etc...
  7. Player's Direction: Similar to AOC, from here you can change where you want your camera to face (horizontally), such as North, South, etc...

And this is it, I really hope that this mod will help you to show your world in an unimaginable way, so all the best for your cinematics that you are going to make using this mod.


This mod perfectly works in the latest versions of Minecraft, and it will also work on upcoming versions. I directly release any minor update without changing this page, so make sure to download the latest version.

In case you find any bugs or glitches, feel free to contact me, and you can also give me some suggestions to improve the mod... Thank You...

Note: If you want to make a video about this mod, then definitely you can do it (you are most welcome), but make sure to give the link to this page. (If you want to give your own link, then you can, but make sure that those links redirect to this page)

Warning: Do not give direct download link of the mod! โš ๏ธโš ๏ธ

My Discord Server || My YouTube Channel


  • First, download the file. You will get a (.zip) file. Click on it and extract it,
  • After extraction, you can click on it and import it in Minecraft,
  • You can also rename the (.zip) file to (.mcaddon) file.
Download links
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Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30
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