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Are you tired of vanilla and earth-like biomes? This addon is for you! It adds a lot of new fantasy and invented biomes for you to explore and have fun.

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Creator: mind.sh4ke (Twitter)

This addon requires Block-Geo Fixer. After activation it has to be on top of PureFantasyWorld Resource Pack.

You also need to activate the following Experimental options:

Experimental options for Pure Fantasy World.

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10 new biomes. Scroll to: Kova Hills, Foggyland Forest, Aurora Blossom, Nightshade forest, Devastated Desert, Deep jungle, Weeping Mangrove, Town, Hidden Land, Golden Blossom.

Kova Hills

It contains floating islands and kova trees, goblins appear more common here.

Screenshot of Kova Hills biome.

Foggyland Forest

A place infected of mushrooms, you can see infected deers, frogs and zombies.

Screenshot of Foggyland Forest biome.

You can find Foggy Mushrooms here. Be careful, if you eat raw Foggy Mushrooms, you will get the effect of Poison II. To avoid this, first cook the mushrooms. It will also help tame the dragonfly.

Foggy Mushrooms.

Aurora Blossom

A colorful biome where magic and beauty abound, you can find fairies, butterflies and lemurs. This is the most common biome.

Screenshot 1 of Aurora Blossom biome.

Screenshot 2 of Aurora Blossom biome.

You can pluck Aurora Fruit from the tree. This will put a short effect of Slowness II and Regeneration II on you.

Aurora Fruit.

Nightshade forest

A dark place for night lovers, their golden trees will illuminate the forest like stars.

Screenshot 1 of Nightshade Forest biome.

Screenshot 2 of Nightshade Forest biome.

Devastated Desert

It contains tall cactus and many fossils.

Screenshot of Devastated Desert biome.

Deep jungle

It is a lush jungle that contains giant hives and wasps that will attack you to death. You can find bee cities and a queen bee.

Screenshot 1 of Deep jungle biome.

Screenshot 2 of Deep jungle biome.

If you want to get into this biome right now, use the modbay6 seed. Tested on 1.19.20.

Weeping Mangrove

It is an improved mangrove that will contain giant trees, water and floating creatures.

Screenshot of Weeping Mangrove biome.


A procedural town where many citizens live, it's currently on beta version because of its hard implementation.

Screenshot of Town biome.

Hidden Land

An old world that now is underground, it is an artificial biome that can be only generated by activating a portal located underground.

Screenshot 1 of Hidden Land biome.

You need to find the Hidden Land Invoker Placeholder:

Screenshot 2 of Hidden Land biome.

To generate Hidden Land, craft HIdden And Gem and place it on Invoker:

Craft recipe for Hidden Land Gem.

Golden Blossom

A secret biome, it is hard to find.


19 new biomes. Scroll to: Ambar worm, Aurora butterfly, Aurora lemur, Fairy, Rabbiteer, Dark deer, Floral deer, Foggy zombie, Mushroom frog, Dragonfly (tameable), Wasp, Queen bee, Bee soldier, Citizen, Dark Guardian, Deep Land Ghost, Underiager, Dead wizard, Goblin.

Ambar worm

Found on golden blossom biome (A secret biome, it is hard to find).

Ambam worm.

Aurora butterfly

Found on aurora blossom.

Aurora butterfly.

Aurora lemur

Found on aurora blossom.

Aurora lemur.


Found on aurora blossom. It can be used to craft a fairy armor.


After killing this mob, you will get: Fairy Dust, Fairy Wings. With these items, you can craft Fairy Armor and not take damage from falling.

Fairy Dusts and Wings.


Found on aurora blossom. He drops the Rabbit Horns that are needed for Rain Invoker.


Dark deer

Found on nightshade forest. It will provide you Deer Meat.

Dark deer.

Floral deer

Found on foggyland forest. It will provide you Deer Meat.

Floral deer.

Foggy zombie

Found on foggyland forest.

Foggy zombie.

Mushroom frog

Found on foggyland forest.

Mushroom frog.

Dragonfly (tameable)

Found on foggyland forest. It can be tamed to fly and it can wear an armor.


Dragonfly with armor.

By killing, you will get Dragonfly Eye. You can craft Dragonfly Glasses for Night Vision.

You can tame it with Foggyland Mushroom. The tamed Dragonfly will follow you. It can also be saddled.ย 

Saddled Dragonfly.

If you put a saddle on it, you can control it. Also, the armor will make him stronger.

Craft recipes for Saddle and Armor

Craft recipe for Dragonfly Saddle:

Craft recipe for Dragonfly Saddle.

Craft recipe for Dragonfly Armor:

Craft recipe for Dragonfly Armor.

Dragonfly Inventory.


Found on deep jungle.


Queen bee

Found on deep jungle, it is hard to defeat and will spawn bee soldiers.

Queen bee.

Bee soldier

They will defend the queen and won't stop until you are dead.

Bee soldier.


Found on the town, it will sell you random things.


Dark Guardian

It looks like iron golem but it is created to defend its tower created by an old generation.

Dark Guardian.

Deep Land Ghost

They are lost souls that are born from the depths and roam the world. They glow at night.

Deep Land Ghost.


Citizens of the deep that offer you different items. They are found on Hiddle Land.


Dead wizard

They are magicians who lost their magic and ended up in death. They are found on Hidden Land. Perhaps later he will use a Dead Wizard Wand.

Dead wizard.


It is found on all the biomes. It will attack you but it also can provide Goblin Meat.


Raw Goblin meat puts a Hunger II effect on you. Cook the meat to avoid this.

Goblin Meat.


It also adds 4 new ores to make the world more immersive:

4 new ores: armor and tools.


This is the most common ore. This ore is generating at height from 0 to 60 blocks.

Cobalt armor and tools characteristics


  • Helmet: protection: 1, durability: 170
  • Chestplate: protection: 6, durability: 240
  • Leggings: protection: 3, durability: 125
  • Boots: protection: 1, durability: 195


  • Sword: damage: 5, durability: 150
  • Pickaxe: damage: 3, durability: 150
  • Axe: damage: 3, durability: 250
  • Shovel: damage: 3, durability: 150

Cobalt armor and tools.


This ore needs a cobalt pickaxe to be collected. Its ambar color is very beatiful. This ore is generating at height from -20 to 40 blocks.

Hessonite armor and tools characteristics


  • Helmet: protection: 3, durability: 170
  • Chestplate: protection: 7, durability: 240
  • Leggings: protection: 5, durability: 125
  • Boots: protection: 2, durability: 195


  • Sword: damage: 7, durability: 150
  • Pickaxe: damage: 5, durability: 300
  • Axe: damage: 4, durability: 280
  • Shovel: damage: 3, durability: 200

Hessonite armor and tools.


Its behaviour is similar to redstone but its stronger. This ore is generating at height from -30 to 40 blocks.

Peridot armor and tools characteristics


  • Helmet: protection: 3, durability: 170
  • Chestplate: protection: 8, durability: 240
  • Leggings: protection: 5, durability: 125
  • Boots: protection: 3, durability: 195


  • Sword: damage: 8, durability: 200
  • Pickaxe: damage: 4, durability: 200
  • Axe: damage: 4, durability: 320
  • Shovel: damage: 5, durability: 240

Peridot armor and tools.


This is the harder ore to find, it needs a peridot pickaxe to be collected. It is harder tha diamond and similar to netherite. This ore is generating at height from -20 to 30 blocks.

Zircon armor and tools characteristics


  • Helmet: protection: 4, durability: 170
  • Chestplate: protection: 8, durability: 240
  • Leggings: protection: 7, durability: 125
  • Boots: protection: 4, durability: 195


  • Sword: damage: 10, durability: 250
  • Pickaxe: damage: 6, durability: 200
  • Axe: damage: 4, durability: 300
  • Shovel: damage: 6, durability: 300

Zircon armor and tools.

Dragonfly glasses

These glasses will help you to see at night. It seems that the effect of night vision works intermittently. It may be fixed later. It also has properties:

  • Protection: 2
  • Durability: 170

Dragonfly glasses.

Use the following recipe for crafting:

Craft recipe for Dragonfly glasses.

Fairy armor

Full set of Fairy Armor will give you the effect of a Slow Fall, and you will not take damage when falling from a great height. It works with problems, just like Dragonfly Glasses.

Full set of Fairy armor.

Characteristics and craft recipes for Fairy armor

Characteristic of Fairy Armor:

  • Helmet: Protection: 2, Durability: 170
  • Chestplate: Protection: 6, Durability: 240
  • Leggings: Protection: 5, Durability: 125
  • Boots: Protection: 2, Durability: 195

Crafting recipes for Fairy Armor:

Craft recipe for Fairy Helmet.

Craft recipe for Fairy Chestplate.

Craft recipe for Fairy Leggings.

Craft recipe for Fairy Boots.

Dead Wizard Wand [Work In Progress]

It seems that this item is under development. There is no information about it yet.ย 

Now it can be found in the Creative. By the way, in version 1.19.20 this is not displayed for some reasons. It may be fixed later.

Screenshot of Dead Wizard Wand.

Rain invoker

This is an item that will help you invoke rain. Crafting requires Rabbiteer Antler and Goat Horn.

  • Invokes rain
  • Invokes a lightning strike to the player
  • Invokes Levitation effect II for 3 seconds

Rain Invoker.

Craft recipe for Rain Invoker:

Craft recipe for Rain Invoker.

Other items

  • Red Gold Fragment
  • Red Gold Block
  • Bee Essence
  • Glowing Honey

Screenshot with list of other items.

ModBay: maybe some of them have functions, but we haven't figured it out.

Versions support

Comment from ModBay: There are problems with some functions with the latest version 1.19.20. Moreover, there are problems with the functionality on 1.19.2 too. Therefore, we sent a request to the content author to find out when the bugs will be fixed. It may turn out that we are doing something wrong.


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Pure Fantasy World Addon 2.1 BP
Pure Fantasy World Addon 2.1 RP
Block-Geo Fixer (requires)
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