[Block-Geo Fixer and Realms Fix] 1.19.21

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In Minecraft 1.18.10, developers have set a limit on custom blocks. Because of this, many addons with custom blocks don't work correctly. Mod Block-Geo Fixer fixes this.


Permission for ModBay:

Permission from author Block Geo Fixer

Before using

Put this Block-Geo addon above of all resource packs. For example:

Block Geo Fixer in Resource Packs tab


Before using of the Block Geo Fixer


After using of the Block Geo Fixer


Here is a video made by ForgeLogical where he makes the Add-On showcase, go check it out!

Updated on September 24

  • [External Changelog]
    • added new images that correspond to the addon version (Very Important)
    • Modified the entire main page (important)
    • Added a new featured image (minimal)
    • Fixed the NO AD link
    • added an explanatory video of the addon created by ForgeLogical
  • [Internal Changelog]
    • Added more text and new info in the internal files + An fix for the Pack_Icon Image
Download links
Download [Block Geo Fixer] NO ADS
Download [Sonic Bug Fixer]
Download [Block-Geo-Fixer 1.19.21] ADS [thanks :D]
Supported versions
1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0 1.18.31 1.18.30 1.18.12 1.18.10
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