Nameless Guardian [EEEAB's Mobs Addon] v1.15

Thumbnail: Nameless Guardian [EEEAB's Mobs Addon] v1.15

This is a project that ported EEEAB's Mobs mod from Java edition to Bedrock edition.

Nameless Guardian:

Nameless Guardian Stats

Nameless Battleaxe:

Immortal Armor:

Immortal Armor Stats

New Blocks:

New Blocks: Screenshot

Immortal Skeletons:

Immortal Skeleton Stats

Immortal Knight Stats

Reference Videos:


Permission from EEEAB

This add-on does not generate any revenue, either commercially or financially.

Please do not post on other sites without permission.

Thank you, and have a nice game!!!

Updated on March 15

  • Fixed a bug where the attack motion appeared to be missing.
  • Minor modifications to the Nameless Guardian model design.
  • Fixed an issue where skills could not be used on certain monsters in other add-ons.
  • Fixed the nameless axe wave model.
  • Edit item classification.
  • Modify specific skill motion abilities.
  • The length of the death motion is slightly longer.
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  1.  profile avatarCrownZT profile avatar CrownZT
    And where exactly does this enemy appear?
  2.  profile avatarPingu profile avatar Pingu
    this add the structure or just mobs?