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While the Copper Golem may not have emerged victorious in the Mob Vote of 2021, with this addon, you can introduce it to your Minecraft world!

Copper Golem Info

Copper Golem 4 Stages:

Normal, Exposed, Weathered and Oxidized.

Copper Golem Stages

Key Features:


The Copper Golem can be crafted by placing a Lightning Rod on top of a Copper Block and then throwing a Copper Ingot onto it. For a detailed guide, refer to the video tutorial HERE.


To deoxidize the Copper Golem, simply use an axe. If the golem has reached its oxidized state, it will remain in its statue form even after deoxidization attempts with an axe. Alternatively, a lightning strike can also deoxidize them.


Taming the Copper Golem is possible by offering it Copper Ingots. Once tamed, it will exhibit behavior similar to wolves.

Button Clicking

Copper Golems will randomly click nearby wooden buttons.

Installation Instructions:

You will need to toggle on the Holiday Creator Features and Molang Features in order for this addon to work.

Required Experiments for Copper Golem+ Addon

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ModBay | PlanetMinecraft | MCPEDL

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  1. Pingu profile avatar Pingu
    an excellent addon, you can add wood and stone golems from minecraft legends?