Disciples of The Void: Martyr's Dawn

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A boss fight themed addon that adds five new rotted looking mobs into your overworld while also getting into the spirit of Halloween. Call forward five foul looking, diseased beasts forward and take them head on for interesting results and rewards.


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Welcome to Disciples of The Void, Martyrs Dawn, a spinoff of my main series but in a very spooky undertone. Experience the same quirks of the disciples but in a fresh, new, fnaf inspired perspective!

In this edition of Disciples of The Void, Instead of crafting manifests and spawning entirely new beings, you are actively luring dangerous entities right to you with audio cassette tapes. Each being having their own unique mechanics and getting harder as the addon progresses. At the end of this gauntlet, we call an addon, you will face off against the antagonist of this story. And if defeated, you will be generously rewarded.

Without further ado, let's get started!

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Basic Information:

Disciples of The Void: Basic Information

The beings you will be fighting in this addon are called “Scrapjaw Disciples”, But we'll call them Disciples for short.

To start, you are going to need a cassette tape. These cassette tapes call different disciples to you.

HOWEVER, you cannot just craft a cassette tape to use them. You have to make an empty cassette tape, use on one of three different mobs, then you can summon each disciple.

  • Audio Lure: Decay (Scrapjaw Deathblade) can be obtained by using an empty cassette tape on a Skeleton
  • Audio Lure: Magic (Scrapjaw Alatar) can be obtained by using an empty cassette tape on a Villager
  • Audio Lure: Rot (Scrapjaw Brawlatar) can be obtained by using an empty cassette tape on a Zombie Piglin

There are three different disciples to fight, once you are done fighting them you can move on to the next boss. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s cover the first set!


Part one covers using the cassette tapes on the different mobs, then using them on the ground.

Part I: Scrapjaw Disciples

Scrapjaw Deathblade

Scrapjaw Deathblade: Screenshot

This is Scrapjaw Deathblade.

Deathblade is normally a mutated angry wither skeleton. However, he has been inflicted with a gross, hostile virus that makes him insanely violent.

When attacked, he attacks players like any other wither skeleton. He has high attack damage and also inflicts wither. However, he has one trick up his sleeve.

Scrapjaw Deathblade: GIF 1

When half health is reached, he will violently roar and emit spell particles. While in this state, he has a chance of calling for backup and calling three “Deathlings”.

Scrapjaw Deathblade: GIF 2

When deathlings are spawned, you have to interact with them like you do a bucket with a cow. Scrapjaw Deathblade will be invincible until you get rid of them.

On death, he will drop a cassette fragment. You need three of these to move to the next section.

Scrapjaw Alatar

Scrapjaw Alatar: Screenshot

This is Scrapjaw Alatar.

Alatar is normally a beyond powerful evoker overpowered by the strength of command blocks. However, in this addon he has been inflicted with the same sickness everyone has.

When provoked, he bares the attacks of a stereotypical evoker. Except his attacks fire off way more often and every vex he spawns is invincible and have a strength boost.

At half health, he puts away his evoker powers and reveals his axe. From this point forward, he will then constantly run at you and attack you like a vindicator. Not only that, but he will teleport around you now and then, so make sure to keep an eye on him!

On death, he will drop a cassette fragment. You need three of these to move to the next section.

Scrapjaw Brawlatar

Scrapjaw Brawlatar: Screenshot

This is Scrapjaw Brawlatar.

Normally a already mutated mix between a Zombie Pigman and Zombie Piglin, this version is even more rotted and sicker than his counterpart.

Scrapjaw Brawlatar: GIF

Mechanics wise, he is the simplest of the mobs of this addon. Like the others, he enrages when he hits half health and gets a fancy particle effect. He also roars now and then when in this half health stage, but other than that, it's a simple fight.

On death, he drops a cassette fragment. Once you have defeated all three starter mobs, you can combine these fragments into a single cassette tape and summon the second to last mob of this addon.

End of Part One

Part two consists of what to do after you fight the first set of Scrapjaws.

Part II: The Puppet

Audio Lure: Resentment

Audio Lure: Resentment Recipe

This audio lure is obtained by combining the fragments of the first three Scrapjaws. The recipe is shapeless, so you can put them in any order and you will get the item.

When this item is obtained, you are ready to fight the second to final boss of this addon.

Scrapjaw Prismatica

Scrapjaw is a Fae type of enemy who floats around and hits you. She does medium damage and has moderate speed. Pretty basic fight, huh?

Well… This entity is a red herring. She is used to luring an entire new entity to you. Introducing:

The Puppet

Scrapjaw Prismatica: the Puppet

This is a puppet, the only source of balance in this addon. In order to restore balance back into the land, (which technically would have stayed balanced if you didn't craft the tapes but shhhhhhh). You have to defeat the pacifist, but it won't be easy!

When provoked, They will attack you like any other entity. However, when attacked there is a chance of her calling for backup just like deathblade.

When summoned, these entities will randomly pop out of the ground and try to slice you. After that, they will go into the ground and disappear.

When defeated, they will drop a “Strange Looking Paper”. With this paper, you can summon the final boss of this addon.


Scrapjaw Prismatica: Resentment

When defeated, this entity has a chance of dropping “Resentment”.

  • When used, the sword will summon friendly ghosts around you that will slash at non players.

End of Part II

Part three consists of what you have to do after you fight the boss of part two.

Part III: The Martyr

Strange Looking Paper

With this strange piece of paper in hand, you can summon the final boss of this addon. Place the paper on the ground just like the cassettes, so spawn him in.

This boss hits VERY hard, netherite armor is recommended

When you spawn this mob in, a rune will pop up on the ground. A couple seconds after this rune spawns in, a cutscene will play.

If you would like to skip this cutscene, INTERACT with the rune.

The Martyr

The Martyr: Screenshot

The Martyr is a dark, rotted version of an oddly powerful player. When not infected, It seems that the original being that was taken over can create whatever entity it wants. However, it seems that in this form, it can only spawn dark and corrupted versions of mobs that it has already created in the past and create clones of himself.

When first spawned in, it will dash at you, attacking you normally. Once in a while, however, it will very stylishly breakdance away from you for no apparent reason.

The Martyr: GIF 1

The Martyr: GIF 2

When at half health, it will then bear its teeth, and be much more open about attacking you.

It seems to also cast in this state. When he casts, one of two things will happen.

  • He will summon clones of himself, then quickly teleport away.
  • He will summon a gross, broken robot to make him invincible until killed.

The Martyr: GIF 3

When defeated, he will genuinely start tweaking then explode, covering the arena in loot and rewarding you for restoring balance to these beings.

...until you spawn them again that is.


The Martyr: Rule

When defeated, The Martyr has a chance to drop a sword named “RULE”.

  • When used, this sword will summon a Scrapjaw G.N.4 bot to make you invincible until it is killed or despawned.

End of Part III



Since you're reading this, I assume you have read the above sections. Thank you for checking out my Halloween themed addon! A simple, short but sweet experience. If you don't mind, I'd like to set some ground rules for use.


  • to use assets in this addons for your own NON-COMMERCIAL projects.
  • to review this addon and blah blah, blah not that I would stop you.


  • to repost this addon anywhere else without permission. This is a ModBay, MCPEDL and CURSEFORGE exclusive unless told otherwise.
  • to put your own link shortener.

With all of that aside, I really hope you enjoy my work!

Also, just in case you were around last year and are curious about the old version, I included last year's version in the downloads.

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