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I'm thrilled to introduce you to our latest addon: "Random Challenge"! This addon injects a fresh dose of excitement into your Minecraft experience by offering a variety of challenges.

Available Challenges (right now):

Random Items: Prepare for surprises at every turn! In this challenge, breaking blocks may randomly yield unexpected items. Whether it's a rare treasure or a common resource, you'll never know what you'll find next as you explore the world.

Random Items Challenge: Screenshot

Random Item Every Minute: With this challenge active, receive a random item every minute. Stay on your toes as your inventory constantly evolves, adding an element of unpredictability to your journey.

Random Item Every Minute Challenge: Screenshot

Random Entity Spawn: Brace yourself for spontaneous encounters! This challenge spawns random entities as you traverse the landscape, turning each step into an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Be ready to face a diverse array of creatures at any moment.

Random Entity Spawn Challenge: Screenshot

Shared Inventory: Teamwork is key in this challenge. Players share their inventories, fostering collaboration as you work together to manage resources efficiently and overcome obstacles as a unified force.

Custom Commands:

List of Custom Commands: Screenshot

  • !help: Access this helpful message whenever needed for guidance and assistance.
  • !menu: Open the challenge selection menu to choose your desired challenge.
  • !start: Initiate the selected challenge, immersing yourself in the heart of the action.
  • !stop: Halt the current challenge to catch your breath or take a break.
  • !pause: Temporarily pause the current challenge, allowing you to tend to other matters or take a breather.
  • !resume: Continue the paused challenge from where you left off, maintaining the momentum of your adventure.
  • !reset: Reset every value, useful for troubleshooting any errors or inconsistencies that may arise.
  • !status: Check the current status of the active challenge, keeping you informed and in control.
  • !search: Locate the blocks you've mined with ease, aiding in tracking your progress and discoveries.

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating Minecraft experience with the "Random Challenge" addon. Embark on thrilling adventures, conquer new challenges, and embrace the excitement of the unknown!

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