Crabber's Delight Bedrock (Unofficial)

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This addon is the Crabber's Delight Mod unofficial port on bedrock edition and reproduced to the greatest extent possible.

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Port Permission

The Crabber's Delight mod on Java edition is under the MIT License. This license allows me to port it to bedrock edition. Here is the license link: AlabasterLeking/Crabbers-Delight (github.com)

Special thanks to AlabasterLeking for creating this excellent mod!

◆ Foods and Drinks

Lots of foods and drinks that have been added:

Foods and Drinks: Screenshot 1

Foods and Drinks: Screenshot 2

Crab can be obtained by fishing or killing guardians. And it can also be obtained by killing crabs.

Clawster can be obtained by fishing or killing guardians.

Shrimp can be obtained by fishing or killing guardians.

Clam can be obtained by fishing or killing guardians. Not edible directly, needs to be processed on a cutting board.

Clam: Screenshot

Tropical Fish can be processed on the cutting board. Can also be cooked.

Tropical Fish: Screenshot

◆ Blocks

You can store fish and seafood.

Blocks: Screenshot

◆ Cooking Pot Recipes

The cooking pot will display the cooking pot recipes in this addon.

Cooking Pot Recipes: Screenshot

◆ Crab

  • Crabs spawn in mangrove swamps (only the blue variant spawns naturally)

Crabs: Screenshot

  • Breed using raw cod / raw salmon.
  • Use dye on crabs to dye them into other colors.

Dyed Crab: Screenshot

◆ Pearl

Processing clams on the chopping board has a chance to get. Pearls can also be traded with some villagers.

  • Wandering Trader

Wandering Trader Trades for Pearls

  • Fisherman

Fisherman Trades for Pearls

◆ Language Contributor

  • Sanjy (es_ES)

◆ Updated on April 26

  1. Updated to 1.20.80.

Finally, thanks for downloading!

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Farmer's Delight Bedrock (Unofficial)
Crabber's Delight V1.3.0 [1.20.80]
Crabber's Delight V1.2.0 [1.20.70]
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1.20.80 1.20.70
  1. Will there be a translation into Russian and Ukrainian?
  2. Nice mod bro I'll use this on my world😋