M&L Currency (Ten Bill UPDATE)

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Just a simple currency pack that adds two bankers to trade ores into currency. This pack offers the one-dollar bill, five-dollar bill, and the hundred-dollar bill which can be used to create in-game currency and to purchase furniture in my custom addon packs. Banker NPCs can be given to you in creative using the give @s Marky: banker command.

All add-ons work on realms. Please leave any suggestions down below!

Important redistribution:

Modification of code, or posting the addon without using my links is strictly prohibited. Please do not do so.


Five Dollar Bill Banker

Trades ores for 5 dollar bills, which can be used to purchase in-game items.

Five Dollar Bill Banker: Screenshot

Five Dollar Bill Banker: Trades

One Dollar Bill Banker

Trades ores for 1 dollar bills, which can be used to purchase in-game items.

One Dollar Bill Banker: Screenshot

One Dollar Bill Banker: Trades


Five Dollar Bill

Five Dollar Bill: Screenshot

One Dollar Bill

One Dollar Bill: Screenshot

Hundred Dollar Bill

Hundred Dollar Bill: Screenshot

Ten Dollar Bill

Ten Dollar Bill: Screenshot

All currency in this pack can be used in your game to set up a simple economy to replace emeralds and to allow players to trade money for resources and also buy diamonds, gold, iron and more. Currency is also used in my other packs to enhance gameplay.

Updated on May 07

  • Added content to finish posting the addon
  • Added images to my post
  • Updated tested and cleaned up a pack
  • Updated links to lootlab for adds
  • Added Tenbill For Curency Trades
  • M&l Smartphone Pack utilizes thisPack
  • M&l Vehicle Pack Utilizes this Pack
  • M&l FastFood Pack Utilizes This Pack
  • Updated Verification For Mobile Downloads
  • Updated cover image and also fixed textures of the currency to match minecraft art style
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