Kingcreeperblue's Blocks Addon (V1.1)

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Yes! Hi! Hello! Are you a builder in Minecraft who wants to build things with CUSTOM BLOCKS? Well, this is the addon for you! Introducing the Kingcreeperblue's Blocks Addon!

With this addon, you get a ton of cool and amazing custom blocks to choose from! With so much building potential, it will satisfy your building needs!

As of V1 of this addon, you get facility-focused blocks! This can be used for facility-based builds or factory, or whatever fits you!

You'll enjoy working around with these blocks! You can make a cool building with this addon!


Here's some builds you can make with the facility blocks!

Kingcreeperblue's Blocks: Screenshot 1

Kingcreeperblue's Blocks: Screenshot 2

Kingcreeperblue's Blocks: Screenshot 3

Kingcreeperblue's Blocks: Screenshot 4

Isn't it exciting?

And the best part as of V1.1 is that no experiments are needed! It adds 100% stable blocks!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download this addon! You'll love it!

What's new in V1.1?

  • Added checker tiles
  • Added office walls
  • Added ceiling block
  • Added railings (three versions)
  • Added hanger blocks (two versions) for the catwalks.
  • Added wall structure block
  • Added a slab version of the catwalk (because I can, lol)
  • Added metal shelf block
  • Fixed hitbox and collision for the catwalk block
  • Made all blocks blast-resistant

Kingcreeperblue's Blocks v1.1: Screenshot 1

Kingcreeperblue's Blocks v1.1: Screenshot 2


There are some things to take note of before doing anything with this addon.

  • You can't get these in survival mode currently. Unable to at the moment anyway.
  • If you use my addon for your Minecraft maps or when making a video, please link the addon in the description of your videos, and/or credit me in both map and video.
  • Pls do not publish this outside of ModBay, as this is the only official place to get it. It took me about a few weeks to make this, btw.
  • Pls don't edit or steal the code (or literally anything) of my addon. You have no permission for that.
  • And please don't ask me to add anything to this addon. I'll add what I'd like to add to this addon. Plus, I'm pretty sure I'll neglect it as time goes on.
  • And one more thing. If, for some reason, the addon breaks, I'll probably fix it if necessary.

Updated on April 26

  • Added new blocks to the addon
  • Fixed hitbox and collision for the catwalk block
  • Made all blocks blast-resistant
Download links
Kingcreeperblue's Blocks V1.1[mcaddon, 101.99 Kb]
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60
  1. This blocks will be good for building a lethal company map nice dude!
  2. Hope y'all like the addon i made! More block will be planned to be added in the near future!
    No guarantee on it though.