Super Loot Bag

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This cool addon comes with 4 bags that you can get by defeating enemies like zombies and skeletons. Each bag gives you a surprise reward when you open it!

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How to Setup:

  • Activate resource & behavior packs
  • Turn on all experimental options
  • Kill zombies, creepers, skeletons & spiders to collect loot bags

Bag List:

This addon includes 4 bags based on loot value: Level 1 Loot Bag < Level 2 Loot Bag < Level 3 Loot Bag < Level 4 Loot Bag

All Levels of Loot Bags

Loot List:

(Each bag randomly drops only one item)

Level 1 Bag:

Bread, Grass, Log, Saddle, Glow Berries, Apple, Coal, Wool, Gold Nugget, Iron Nugget, Name Tag, Redstone, etc.

Level 2 Bag:

Diamond Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Golden Carrot, Emerald Ore, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Sword, Iron Armor with Random Enchantment, Ender Pearl, Obsidian.

Level 3 Bag:

Book with Random Enchantment, All Types of Horse Armor, Diamond, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Emerald, Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Sword, Diamond Armor with Random Enchantment, Ender Pearl, Obsidian.

Level 4 Bag:

Golden Apple, Regeneration Potion, Diamond Block, Iron Block, Gold Block, Emerald Block, Mob Spawner, Zombie Spawn Egg, Dragon Breath, Netherite Scrap, Wither Skeleton Skull, Totem.

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Updated on April 10

  • Fixed the download link.
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