End's Delight Bedrock (Unofficial)

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This addon is the End's Delight Mod unofficial port on bedrock edition and reproduced to the greatest extent possible.

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Port Permission

The End's Delight mod on Java edition is under the MIT License. This license allows me to port it to bedrock edition. Here is the license link: FoggyHillside/End-s-Delight (github.com)

Special thanks to foggyhillside for creating this excellent mod!

◆ Foods and Drinks

Lots of foods and drinks that have been added:

Foods and Drinks: Screenshot 1

Foods and Drinks: Screenshot 2

Foods and Drinks: Screenshot 3

Ender Pearl Grain can be obtained by cutting end pearl.

Chorus Fruit Grain can be obtained by cutting chorus fruit.

◆ Blocks

You can store chorus fruit.

Chorus Fruit Block: Screenshot

End Stove is a functional block without a GUI that provides heat for the Skillet and Cooking Pot when active, and can also smelt certain items on its own. When smelting items, it can simultaneously smelt up to 6 different items of the same or different types. While active, the End Stove can be extinguished using a shovel or water bucket. When extinguished, it can be reignited using flint and steel.

End Stove: Screenshot

◆ Chorus Succulent

Chorus Succulent naturally generate in The End.

Chorus Succulent can be placed on top of blocks, up to 3 per block. They produce light, with the first one producing 3 light levels, and each subsequent one producing 2 additional light levels.

Chorus Succulent: Screenshot

◆ Knife

Added four new knives.

All Knives: Screenshot

  • Kill the Ender Dragon with a knife, additional Dragon Leg, Raw Dragon Meat, and Dragon Tooth will be dropped.
  • Kill Shulker, additional Shulker Meat will be dropped.
  • Kill Endermite, additional Raw Endermite Meat will be dropped.

◆ Cooking Pot Recipes

The cooking pot will display the cooking pot recipes in this addon.

Cooking Pot Recipes

◆ Language Contributor

  • Sanjy (es_ES)

◆ Updated on May 05

  1. Fixed a bug where cutting ender pearls and chorus fruits would not return items.
Changelog for April 26 / Old Update (V1.4.0-1.20.8x)
  1. Updated to 1.20.80

Finally, thanks for downloading!

Download links
Farmer's Delight Bedrock (Unofficial)
End's Delight V1.4.1 [1.20.8x]
End's Delight V1.3.0 [1.20.7x]
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Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70
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