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An add-on that adds machines, equipment, etc. to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Watch the video to understand:

(it's in Portuguese)



  • Block Breaker: This machine breaks any block that stands in front of it.
  • Block Placer: This machine puts block in front of you. (Just place a chest or other container on top and place the block you want her to place inside the chest)
  • Macerator:This machine transforms gravel into flint. (Just place a Chest or other container on top and place the gravel inside)
  • Laser Quarry: Generates overworld ores. (Just place a Chest or other container on top of it.)
  • Personal Chest: Click once and click again, and it will open a screen where you will enter the password, then click again to enter the password, then the chest will open.
  • Conveyor:Transports items.
  • Mob Killer: Kills any mob that is on top of it.
  • Electric Furnace: To heat all items that the vanilla Furnace heats, just place a Chest or other container on top and place the item you want to heat.
  • Coal Generator: Uses coal, charcoal or wood trunks to generate energy. (Just place a Chest or other container and place the item inside the chest)
  • Basic Solar Generator: Generates energy over time. (It needs to be daytime, and the cable needs to be under the generator)
  • Energy Cable: It is a cable that has a connection between them, but it is the means of transferring energy from the generator to the machines.

Conveyor and Personal Chest do not use energy.

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Tutorial on how to use the shortener:

(it's in Portuguese)

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