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Hey guys! I bought you the "Skibidi Toilet - Titan Camera Man Addon" today. In this add-on, you will see new mob. All the mobs are inspired by a famous animation series "Skibidi Toilets".

About animation series:

The Skibidi Toilet is a meme series made by DaFuq!?Boom! (YT shorts). This series of YouTube shorts consists of the War between the Toilets (Antagonists) and the Cameramen (protagonists, in most cases).

About Titan:

  • The Titan Cameraman is a Titan that was created to turn the tides against the Skibidi Toilets and is affiliated with the Cameramen and the Speakermen armies. This Titan has been shown to have incredible physical strength, allowing feats such as effortlessly stomping on the Large Camouflage Skibidi Toilet, kicking a Giant Skibidi Toilet toward a building, and both grabbing and crushing a Spider Skibidi Toilet. The Titan has been a vital character in the development of both the Cameramen and the Speaker. It would later be shown to be in the process of being upgraded later in the series.
  • In Skibidi Toilet 20, Titan Cameraman can be seen effortlessly crushing two Spider Skibidi Toilets before confronting the G-Man Skibidi Toilet who starts firing his laser eyes at the core of Titan Cameraman. As a result, the Titan Cameraman pulls out a shield from his back before using it to block the lasers being fired at him. However, the Giant Rocket Skibidi Toilet arrives before Titan Cameraman could get close to G-Toilet. It then crashes into the riot shield, shattering it in the process along with his left forearm, making Titan Cameraman vulnerable to the laser beams. With his core being damaged, Titan Cameraman uses his jetpacks to fly and retreat to the base for repairs and upgrades.
  • In Skibidi Toilet 50, the Titan Cameraman makes his first appearance in 27 episodes while the Cameramen base is under attack. The now upgraded Titan quickly dispatched the attacking toilets, and then flew off toward an unknown destination, possibly on the lookout to save the Infected Titan Speakerman from the parasite and take down G-Man Skibidi Toilet.

In-Game Screenshots:

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That's all in this addon. Enjoy!

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