Experiment 8 BETA

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Turn your Minecraft world into a horror apocalypse with this addon that adds ABOMINABLE PARASITES.


1. Pig Parasite Nest

These parasites will start their lives in these disgusting LIVE nests, of which a lucky pig was lucky enough to be a part and help its reproduction.

Pig Parasite Nest: Screenshot

2. Infected Survivor

This great adventurer carries with him a juicy level 1 backpack that he will drop when he dies.

Infected Survivor: Screenshot

3. Infected Chicken

This creature is fast, strong... and ugly!

Infected Chicken: Screenshot

4. Infected Sheep

A very well articulated creature, behaves like any other infected.

Infected Sheep: Screenshot

5. Infected Spider

A bizarrely rare spider. Much faster, dangerous, and uglier for my taste.

Infected Spider: Screenshot

6. Infected Cow

It is nothing more than a simple, angry cow with parasites coming out of its voice.

It's just stronger than it appears.

Infected Cow: Screenshot

7. Infected Human

The zombies that are hosts of the parasites will become this:

Infected Human: Screenshot

8. Infected Contortionist Human

These creepy creatures will accompany you during your expeditions to the mines... DON'T LIGHT A TORCH!

Infected Contortionist Human: Screenshot

9. Infected Creeper

He's the friendly creeper we all know, but better. It seems that he only cares about players!

Infected Creeper: Explosion Animation

10. Infected Villager

He is no different from the infected human except that he is bigger, stronger, slower and uglier.

Infected Villager: Screenshot

11. Snitcher

This friendly friend won't bother you as long as you don't bother him with your boring presence, but if he detects you, he will activate his bioluminescent glands and illuminate the area, alerting your presence to other infected... He also screams horribly.

Snitcher: Screenshot

12. Infester

This disgusting!! disgusting!! disgusting!! creature apparently it develops in the largest nests of the infected and fulfills the function of spreading the parasite to the environment.

Infester: Screenshot

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