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This addon adds an incredible new entity in the form of Minecraft Bedrock minerals that you can tame to have as a pet. This addon is available for all versions from 1.20 onwards.

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  • You can use it with almost any addon, as this addon DOES NOT USE PLAYER.JSON, so it will be compatible with almost any addon and you can easily put it at the end if you want.

Experimental Options๐Ÿ‘พ

  • Does not require any experimental options!

Changes in v1.3

  • Added obsidian blocklings, netherrack, end stone, quartz ore
  • It was made compatible with version 1.21 of Minecraft
  • Made damage changes to some blocklings

Obsidian Blocklings, Netherrack, End Stone, Quartz Ore


  • The Blocklings are entities in the form of Minecraft minerals that you can tame to keep as pets. They will be able to defend you and accompany you during your adventure. They appear in caves, and if you manage to kill one, it will likely release the gold from the addon. That's done.

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  • Blocklings have many variants, depending on the mineral embedded in them, the Blocklings will have more life, and the less useful the mineral is, the less life it will have. To tame Blocklings, you have to use iron or gold ingots. You will have a 10% chance to tame them, and you can make them sit if you crouch and interact.

Updated on June 19

  • Added new blocklings: Netherrack, Obsidian, Quartz, End Stone
Download links
Blockyns Addon BH V1.2[mcpack, 23.45 Kb]
Blockyns Addon RS V1.2[mcpack, 21.72 Kb]
Blockyns Addon RS V1.3[mcpack, 21.94 Kb]
Blockyns Addon BH V1.3[mcpack, 23.67 Kb]
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