The Forgotten Legends

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The Forgotten Legends aims to bring a whole new fantasy-styled adventure to your Minecraft worlds. Here, we want to give you a soul-like combat experience and the same adventure experience from the most iconic RPGs, ehem... Skyrim...

Bosses everywhere! You'll find many challenges in your world. Right now, the addon is in a beta stage. We are currently working on some big new stuff, and when I say big, I mean HUGE. Believe me, this beta is nothing compared to what I'm planning!

We are looking for skilled builders to help us in this project. Join our Discord Server so you can join us and receive the most recent news about the addon (I use to publish betas on the server more than in MODBAY)

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  • Creator: KaelusArvylar
  • Discord: kaelus_arvylar
  • Permission:

Permission for ModBay from KaelusArvylar

Nekros Faction

The Nekros faction is a group of undead creatures, from basic skeletons to the lich boss, these enemies will be found underground and in their own structures.

The entities you can find here are:

Nekros Aberration:

Nekros Aberration

Ochi Nekros:

Ochi Nekros

Nekros Knight:

Nekros Knight

Nekros Colossus:

Nekros Colossus

Wither Colossus:

Wither Colossus





Da Boyz!!!!!!!!!!!!

These fellas got soma' waaagh! for ya! They come in big ztrong groups to bring their enemiez down! They love the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!

Da Basic Gitz:

Da Basic Gitz

Da Crazy Boiz:

Da Crazy Boiz

Da Warboss, he knows where are the good foightz!

Da Warboss

Creatures in the Wild!

WYVERNS! Yes, new wyverns for the game! Again, this is not survival-friendly, but you can fight them and try their difficulty!

Just look at him running away from the big flying lizard XD

Player and Wyvern

The Desertic Wyvern!

The Desertic Wyvern

The Spider Matriarch!

The Spider Matriarch

Hostile Creatures (Some of them are in beta)

The Draconic Knights!

The Draconic Knights

Ruined Guardian:

Ruined Guardian

Darrats: (Your worst nightmare)




Aornis Knight:

Aornis Knight

Nether Creatures

Blood Troll:

Blood Troll

Flaming Centurion:

Flaming Centurion

Friends for ya!





Elves: (I hate them)


This project adds more stuff like weapons, armor sets, spells, talismans, etc. that are going to be craftable or dropped by the enemies.

I just want to say thank you. I love to see that people like this addon. I'm sorry for not making more progress during this time I've been out. I promise I'll bring you the greatest update with more content and greater enemies >:) I hope you enjoy this beta!

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TheForgottenLegendsBETA[mcaddon, 2.87 Mb]
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